Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yildiray Cinar On Supergirl

Shortly after the announcement that he was starting on art on Supergirl, artist Yilidray Cinar posted this snippet of a sketch on Instagram.

I am pretty amazed at how quickly I became more optimistic of this book once the new creative team was announced. And this picture did nothing but bolster that.

I know it is hard to believe ... but that is a smile on Supergirl's face!

And what a classic pose, busting through chains like this. It is iconic.

Is this a warm-up sketch? A splash page? A cover? What does the rest of it look like?

It immediately evokes the classic cover of Superman #233, the first part of the Sand Superman 'Kryptonite Nevermore' storyline. This cover has been riffed on by lots of artists. But Supergirl doing it is pretty rare.

I hope Cinar puts up other sketches and sneak peeks as the solicit date approaches!


William Wade II said...

The art does look good, can't wait.

Martin Gray said...

Colour me optimistic!