Saturday, May 25, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Include SBFFs!

Heading to the San Diego Comic-Con is sort of a bucket list event for me. I just can't imagine ever having the free time or liquid cash to be able to do such a thing.

If I could ever do it, it would be this year because of this DC exclusive just revealed: a three-pack of Lauren Faust's Super Best Friends Forever. Here is a link of all the exclusives:

It is hard to get any sense of the size of these things. I can't tell if they are plastic or more like statues. What we do know is the three-pack costs $49.99. So I would hope they aren't 2 inch plastic things.

Regardless, I want these badly but will have to wait for someone to put them on an internet auction site.

Let's face it, Super Best Friends Forever was a great series of shorts in the DC Nation block and I can only hope that at some point Warner Brother and DC Entertainment will do the right thing and let Lauren Faust make more of these cartoons.


Stephen Montalvo said...

I saw this & also the things in the zazzle store. The only thing that bothers me is that Supergirl is so angry in all of them.

Gene said...

They look great although Supergirl looks a tad thinner here than she does in the cartoon. Unfortunately $50 is too steep for me. I understand they are exclusives, but don't they realize things are tight right now?

I do hope we get that SBFF show. I still fail to see why Teen Titans got one (again) instead of Kara, Babs, and Donna...

PRgirl1294 said...

Please participate in this and get everyone you know to do the same.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Good pick up on Kara's appearance Gene. She does look a bit thinner here.

Hoping all this buzz leads to more SBFF!

And I hope those not at SDCC get a chance to pick these up.

Gernot said...

SBBF was the BEST series of shorts on DC Nation! I'd love it if they could do a half-hour show with the girls. :)