Thursday, October 25, 2012

Supergirl Birthday Card

 I was in a card store recently looking for some birthday cards for my nieces when I stumbled onto this ... a Supergirl birthday card, albeit for a daughter.

As always, I am thrilled whenever I see Supergirl cross into mainstream media. So seeing this made me smile. The inside of the card completes the front phrase with " ... who always finds a way to save the day !"

This looks like Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.Interesting that it is the red skirt version of Supergirl, something we haven't seen since Supergirl #50 in late 1999. Funny that this is the look DC wants to market to the general public.

As an added bonus, the card includes this magnet which is approximately 4x6 inches. Great graceful pose here!

Here is the card back.


Gustavo Delamarques said...


The League said...

and this is sort of the core of what seems to be the problem for DC these days as a publisher. They have 75 years of brand building as a licensing company, and the comics side, for almost three decades, hasn't understood the idea of brand recognition is key to building a business. Someone at DCE licensing was smart enough to get out in front of the issue with "DC Originals" licensing. One wonders what would happen if DC stuck to their iconic versions for just a few years and focused on solid art and scripting instead of stunts of the week, terribly designed new costumes and crossovers.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of what is available on, items with images from the late Silver Age Supergirl, to the Matrix Supergirl to Linda Danvers Supergirl (particularly the cover image from issue #80, the last one feturing the Linda Danvers character).

Anonymous said...

DC Comics sold these cards long after they had killed the original Supergirl, expunged her from continuity and told her fanbase to get out....tells you the priorities at work even today.


Gene said...

What card shop did you find these Anj? I may want to stock up.
Love the designs here.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I agree that this simple costume simply works and is better for licensing.

It is a Hallmark card so I would assume it could be in any store that carries them. I got this one at a CVS pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this being a Hallmark card carried at CVS. My local CVS seems to carry only American Greetings cards and does not carry this card. And I could not find this on the wegsite for either Hallmark or American Greetings cards, nor at a Hallmark store I visited. So could you please verify the publisher of the card, provide an identification number or similar for the card, and also possibly some ordering information. Also, some data about the size of the card (height x width), number of Supergirl pictures (I assume that it is only the 2 shown in the blog), and suggested retail price which should be on the card).

Anj said...

I have scanned and added the back.

Hope that helps.