Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sales Review: March 2012

Comics finally took a down turn in sales in March overall and DC saw Marvel slip back into the top 10 after a giddy two months of the New 52 equaling the top 10. As always, my sales numbers come from ICv2, a great site for comics news and market analysis. Here is the link to March's numbers:

The mega-event of Avengers vs. XMen shook up the top spots but it was great to see Action Comics and Superman stay in the top 10, especially given the mini-shake-up with the creative direction on the Superman title.

And while the top titles all stuck around the top, I do wonder if the bottom of the 52 has simply bottomed out.

As for Supergirl, I think the title has basically found it's level in the 50's in rank and around 30K+ in sales.

Supergirl #7, the conclusion of the first arc sold 33,337, down a slim 4% from the prior month's sales. I think the book has been on the rise since the somewhat slow first couple of issues. And this issue, in particular, helped define the character of Kara moving forward. Hopefully those of us here have decided to stay here.

I do wonder if the four year plan to reveal all the aspects of Supergirl's origins may be too slow of a boil for the casual fan. Will people be willing to jump on board in the middle of a mystery?

Lastly, while Mahmud Asrar's art has been simply spectacular, it will be interesting to see if next month's George Perez issue will lead to a bump in sales.

Still, the title remains very healthy in sales.

As for the bottom of the DCnU, my original underdog title to promote, Sterling Gates' Hawk and Dove, has already been cancelled.

So let's look at Legion Lost, which may not be on long for this Earth.

Legion Lost #7 was Tom DeFalco's first issue as writer and the issue had a different feel to it. There was no narrator the way there was with Fabien Nicieza. A new Earth sidekick joined the team. There was a sort of PSA 'don't text and drive' storyline, and the Hypertaxis storyline was pushed a bit into the background.

But the title is suffering a bit, selling only 16,393. It doesn't look like the comic market can sustain 2 Legion books (even the main title is selling in the low 20K's). If this title does get cancelled, DC better give Pete Woods a new title right away. His stuff has been so slick here.


Dave Mullen said...

I do wonder if the four year plan to reveal all the aspects of Supergirl's origins may be too slow of a boil for the casual fan.

Four year Roadplans are a nonsense in modern comics, no way will the average creative team get get four years to tell a story arc like that.
But the sales are encouraging, I don't know if this is to be the average for supergirl but with a stroong creative team and with it being the best 'Superman' book on the market after Action Comics I think the future is optimistic for thos title. Though on the other hand It's worth remembering that this book is only seven or eight issues old, 33'000 sales looks good but the previous volume was 60 issues old and still getting a 23'000 average!
I'm starting to lament this reboot ever taking place as while certain characters have benefitted from a revamp others have struggled. It would have been better to have been more conservative and worked withing the set continuity I think.

Legion Lost.... I' m torn. I like the team and I like the characters comprising it a great deal, I think it's a good book, but the direction and purpose behind the book was deeply flawed from the start. It's a book that has little reason to exist.
I really worry about the fate of the Legion...

Anj said...

After reading the last Legion Lost, I wonder if the whole Alastor plot has been scrapped. Maybe a last ditch effort to ward off cancellation?

My review will be up next week.

Anonymous said...

Legion Lost is breaking my heart. I was really looking forward to this new Legion book but just find it slow and boring.

Anonymous said...

I'm idly curious how well Supergirl is doing as an e-comic?
As exclusive sales I mean, not lumped in with floppies?