Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poll Results: World's Finest

Well, the votes are in and it looks like the next book that I will be reviewing on the site will be the new World's Finest, written by Paul Levitz with art by George Perez and Kevin Maguire. I'd like to thank everybody who took the time to vote! As always, it is the community of Supergirl fans that keep me energized to run this blog!

As for the poll, it was something of a landslide.

World's Finest took 44% of the vote, well ahead of second place Justice League's 20%.

As a Power Girl fan and a Huntress fan, I will be happy to post my thoughts here. And I love George Perez's  art and Kevin Maguire's art. I am glad that they are alternating arcs as it gives both of them some leeway to get the issues done. I am a long time Paul Levitz fan but I have felt his stuff is a bit hit-or-miss these days. I have enjoyed his Huntress mini-series a lot, which bodes well for this book. But his work on Legion and Legion:Secret Origin hasn't been as good.

But that isn't what worries me the most. As I said before, I tried to keep this site Power Girl free. I truly think of her and Supergirl as two different characters.

So there is one thing about this opening preview picture worries me ...

It looks like Power Girl actually was Supergirl on Earth-2! And for some reason that doesn't sit right with me.

One of the things I liked about PG from the beginning is that she was her own person, she purposefully didn't wear the S-shield, she didn't have the weight of that shield on her. And she was able to be a different sort of character than I identify Supergirl as. Yes, she was Kara Zor-L, from Krypton, Superman's cousin. But she wasn't Supergirl.

So I think I am going to have to see how that all plays out. Will her origin be similar to the current Supergirl's, an origin we don't know yet? Why didn't she just come out as Supergirl, given that Supergirl just just arrived on our Earth?

I don't know much about Supreme (someone I have read this costume is a riff on). I will miss the old costume as it fit Power Girl's personality perfectly. But this past as Supergirl is just a tad off-putting (even if what I see of the costume looks great).

As always, I will go in with an open mind.

And thanks again for everybody who voted!


Diabolu Frank said...

As someone who hates the writing on the Huntress mini-series, I don't want to imagine how awful that makes the Legion books. I'm also really put off by Power Girl's new look and Huntress as the Robin (what?) of Earth Two. As far as following and reporting on this book sir, I must confess, better you than me. ;)

mathematicscore said...

I am actually pretty ok with the costuming here, and similarly with Trinity Earth 2 costuming in the Ivan Reis cover. I'm seen loads dumber "alt-reality" costumes.

Landry Walker said...

You should read Alan Moore's Supreme run. Seriously some of the best Superman (and Supergirl) material ever.