Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Year In Review

This splash page from Supergirl #59 was my number one Supergirl moment for 2010. It was the culmination of the Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle's run and symbolized just how far they had brought Kara over their time on the title. It even mirrored the opening page of Supergirl #34, their first issue, a near perfect bookend. That list is here:

I am starting to put together my 2011 Year in Review posts, a crazy year for the DCU and Supergirl. There were James Peaty's and Kelly Sue DeConnick's runs. There was her time as the muscle in James Robinson's JLA. And even as part of the Superman family in Reign of Doomsday. Plus any number of guest spots.

The plan right now is for a three day recap of the year for Supergirl. Day one will be '2011, what might have been'. Day two will be the 5 honorable mentions on the Best Supergirl Moments of 2011. And day three will be the big wrap-up, the Top Ten Supergirl moments of 2011. I am going to try to get these done by next week.

So which Supergirl moments will rise to the top for me?

More importantly, which one rose to the top for all of you? As always, one of the things I like the best about this blog is hearing from other Supergirl fans. So did any moments stand out in your mind? What were your favorite 2011 Supergirl moments? Let me know!


Gene said...

My favorite Supergirl moment came in Batgirl #23 when Kara, Miss Martian, Stargirl and Bombshell appeared to kick @ss and take names. That group was the perfect superhero team that I would have wanted to read more of.


Anonymous said...

My favorite moments were when Kara helped Batgirl a while back in the Annual crossover.

Oh! and Kara having her Linda Lang identity for a bit before the previous (and excellent)Supergirl series was rebooted.

I know that there's more, but, those are the top two that I can think of at the moment. :) -ealperin

Jess said...

Definitely when she and Batgirl fought Dracula. I was giggling with delight the whole issue.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I think my fave moment was Linda walking into her "Closet of Solitude" at the outset of the "Bizarrogirl" arc. It was stuffed of course with momentos of her various adventures from the outset of her current revival and the sort of whimsical costume variants that one would expect of a teenaged heroine.
Also had her first Daily Planet headlined framed alongside Cat Grant's denunciation of is a single panel that summarizes Supergirl nigh perfectly.