Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Hope: Mike Johnson Tweet

Just last week I posted about how concerned I have become regarding just what sort of Supergirl we are going to be getting in September. In particular, some of the comments made by the higher-ups have been perplexing, making me wonder if they understand the 'core' of the character or if they have even read the book the last couple of years.

Things were starting to look bleak.

And then, as if in answer to my concerns, future Supergirl writer tweeted the tweet above. What could his Supergirl Kryptonspiration be?

Below is the twitpic. Suddenly I feel a bit better about September.

These trades were his inspiration.

Now I am not saying that the current mainstream book should read like the Action Comics stories from the early 1960s as in this Showcase trade. Nor am I saying that the mainstream book should read like Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade. I understand that a mainstream book needs a different tenor.

That said, if I wanted a creator to read a couple of trades to 'get' the character, to understand who Supergirl is ... striving to be a hero, trying hard and not always succeeding, always with goodness in her heart ... these would definitely be near the top. Anyways, I hope that Johnson reads these to get the right 'feel' for the Girl of Steel. She doesn't need to be saccharin. She doesn't need to be even-tempered, staid, mature, or even confident all the time. But she has to have that heroic drive shown so wonderfully in these trades.

I also think that any of the Sterling Gates/Jamal Igle trades would also be good reads as well. Really the one that will best showcase just who Kara Zor-El is will be the upcoming BizarroGirl trade.


Anonymous said...

I'd wished his inspirations were Loeb and David. Now you feel better, and I feel worse about what's coming.

The early stories were way too sexist. Both are much too lighthearted and far too young/too old fashioned an audience. I hope Kara's personality ends up more complex and teenage than that. I have no interest in the boring goody goody doing super chores and acting like a seven year old.

Anj said...

Again, if you read my post, I am not saying I want the exact feel of those books. I don't expect that.

But the core of her character ... trying to do what is right, not always succeeding ... is right on the money for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, man! His inspirations are going to be "The world´s GREATEST Heroine??" (against Baldie Dan, the Supreme Priest of the Cult of Isis/Maria Magdala/ Wonder dog)...what a laugh!
And "8th grade??" please...
Much as I (& everyone else) would like to believe his Bull"#$%&/it
please, PLEASE! you have to realize these men are less than slaves in there...
And they report to the Satanist Rockefellers...
It is like the Rockefellers saying "we had nothing to do with framing Dominique Strauss Kahn! Too bad he got fired..."
I hope you are not too displeased come September when they oops!...do it again!


Anonymous said...

This looks promising but I'm being cautiously optimistic here. Glad he plucked out Mr. Walker and Mr. Jones' run. I hope that he 'gets' her right. Mr. Walker told me on twitter that Peter David was a BIG inspiration for him writing and to get his blessing by using Buzz and Wally in the series made him grateful for the chance to write them in.

Now, all we need to do is get Mr. Walker's Supergirl up and running and the rest of Peter David's Supergirl series in a trade and I'll be set for life. Twitition anyone? ^_^ -ealperin

Landry Q Walker said...


I think what you miss that comes across in that Showcase trade - and hopefully in Cosmic Adventures as well - is that Supergirl's fundamental nature is one of hope and optimism, even in the face of great adversity, loss or pain.

I would also disagree that a story about a girl who loses her family forever, and takes that loss and makes it her strength, is one lacking complexity or maturity.

You want Kara to more "teenage"? Well, what kind of teenager? There isn't really a definitive version - not without playing to a 2-dimensional stereotype anyway. Some teenagers rebel. Some are angry and contentious. Many are simply people, experiencing complex emotions for the first time. They are happy, and goofy and silly and sullen. They make friends and do homework and watch TV and think about their future.

Some suffer greatly - and sink low because of their suffering. Some rise higher because of it.

So what does "teenage" mean to you?

Landry Q Walker said...


In all fairness, I showed Peter the appearances of Buzz and Wally after the fact. Which is why I limited the characters to cameos as a nod (he seemed to appreciate the cameos). If I were to move forward and include them in full roles, I would feel compelled to get permission.

Sorry if I was confusing with that bit when we spoke earlier.

Anonymous said...

Oh! It's okay, Mr. Walker! I misread that part thinking that they actually had speaking roles in the series! Whoops! Thanks for the corrections. No harm done!

Btw, I've got some twititions for you!

#1's for the rest of Peter David's Supergirl that needs to come out in a trade or HC:

# 2's for a continuation of Landry Q. Walker's Supergirl series (which he RT'd, btw!): http://twitition.com/xx5nk


Anonymous said...

I remain unconvinced and suspicious.

But nonetheless thank you Landry Walker for dropping on by.


Anonymous said...

Hmm still worried but maybe a little less so now.

Anonymous said...

The twitpic has got me interested enough in the Supergirl book to at least try the first six issues.

That said, I think it's unfortunate that the cover art for the #1 does not instill the same joy and fun of Supergirl that I have enjoyed reading and that I feel is captured wonderfully on the Showcase and 8th Grade covers.

Martin Gray said...

Oh, great spot Anj, this tweet made my week.

And how fab to see you here, Landry!

Nikki said...

I also feel better. They capture the spirit of the character perfectly for the average reader. Wednesday comics as well. That said Kelly Sue's issue had the first real 70's Supergirl vibes since Kara came back and that was welcome too. I hope they see in Cosmic Adventures that Kara has a lot more spark and energy in her than in the Showcase.

Also, the showcase has a lot of great moments. Supergirl was a lot more feminist that she's given credit for. She wasn't a young woman who did as she was told unquestioned. She wanted to make Kal proud and she wanted to be like him and she respected his life experience but she had her own mind. He told her to lay low in an orphanage and she did but that didn't mean she didn't go out the window and become a superheroine.