Saturday, March 19, 2011

Laura Vandervoort And Smallville Finale

My thanks to blog friend Jason for forwarding me this link about Supergirl and Smallville. As always, the whole article is worth reading. Here is the link:

In the article, Laura Vandervoort talks about her role as Kara on Smallville and how she is returning later in this season. Here is the blurb that caught my attention.

But if you are worried that Vandervoorts return will leave things open ended with the character you have nothing to fear as her return this time will include some form of finality and conclusion
“The fans will be happy,” she said. “I didn’t really want to have the show end without Kara kind of wrapping up her future. I didn’t want her to be off flying around and no one ever see her again. I return in a particular way or I’m found ... uh, yeah. I can’t really say anything."

So I am glad that she says the fans will be happy. That makes me think she isn't going to be killed off. But how else can you wrap up her story if the show is ending ... unless she says something like she is going to live in Chicago as a grad student and protect the city. But the cryptic 'I'm found ...' sounds a little concerning.

I have been a bit worried about how Smallville will treat Supergirl. I initially thought that she would be the receptacle for Darkseid given all the concern about how someone with Kryptonian powers would be unstoppable if consumed by darkness. But the addition of Conner, a Luthor with powers, makes me wonder if he will be the ultimate bad guy.


Anonymous said...

This is Smallville after all, they will Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden to ensure that Kara Zor El ends up ruined be she alive or dead.
Likely she will be depowered, mindwiped and sent to live on a farm somewhere because that is likely Clark's idea of a female in paradise.
Aiyee I doubt NONE of these speculations and await said ep with sheer dread.

John Feer

Jason said...

Glad to provide you the link, Anj!! I think we will see a positive end to Kara's story, since Laura herself says the fans will be happy to see how her story ends. I don't think Laura would lie to or mislead the fans. If she, herself, says the closure for Kara will be something Supergirl fans will be happy about, then I trust Laura's word. I like to think Laura would let fans know if they should expect a sad or tragic end to Kara's story. I'm going to stay hopeful and take Laura at her word.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that she doesn't end up falling in love with Lex Luthor.*shudders* (If that happens, I'm going to end up having a bad 90's flashback).-ealperin

Anonymous said...

One idea floating around I heard is that they'll copy the JLU and send Kara into the future with the Legion. I hope so because I get the distinct feeling they've filmed the scene of the Crisis Cover already.

TalOs said...


I have a feeling it's all going to kick off with: Clark super-speeding in his "Blur" costume mid-afternoon from the Planet straight to the Kent farm upon having heard a massive fight having broken out there - only upon arriving is startled to find Kara who's officialy now dressed in her Supergirl costume proper (complete with "S" shield on her chest and back of her red cape) - where upon her having encountered Conner has mistaken him as having possibly been sent by Darkseid to destroy Clark while Conner has mistaken Kara as this threat who's been sent by alternate Earth Lionel to destroy him too.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

The 'heading to the future with the Legion' makes so much sense it hurts. I want to see that ... not the Crisis cover homage!

Interesting idea too Talos. Supergirl v Superboy is a fight we have seen a couple of times in the comics.

Jason said...

Yes, the Kara going into the future with the Legion idea definitely makes the most sense..and is and idea I've been saying Smallville producers should use, if you look back at all our previous "Kara on Smallville" posts. :) I'm glad that idea seems to make sense to other fans. Since it seems to be a common idea, let's hope the Smallville producers have thought about it too.

For those worried about Kara, though, I reiterate that Laura said Supergirl fans would be happy. She seems to really care about Kara/Supergirl fans, so I really believe she would be totally upfront and honest about any possible tragic end for Kara. I don't think she would hide something like that from fans.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what the writers pop out next with on Kara. Sounds like we're in for a good ride.

I'll miss this show once it's gone, though. Yeah, it had its ups and downs but its that characters and the people that embodied those characters and storylines that made the show what it is.-ealperin