Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best of 2009 #3 - The Fans' Thoughts

I figured one last look back at the great year of 2009 was warranted, this time looking at the moments that folks here listed as their best moment of the year for Supergirl. When I said I was preparing my 'best of' list, I asked if anyone knew theirs. I loved the responses I got.

I think they are all great moments and deserve their moment in the sun, so here are 4 more 'best of' Supergirl moments from 2009 with credit given to the posters.

John Feer picked another moment from Cosmic Adventures for his best moment:

I like action, so Kara casually bursting the kryptonite chains Mxyie had foisted on her from Cosmic Adventures is my mark-out Supergirl moment from 2009.

That is another great moment from Cosmic and is an homage to the classic Neal Adams' cover of Superman #233. It is a big moment as the near omnipotent Supergirl defeats Mr. Mxyzptlk and sets things to right in the universe.

Gene picked another great Lana moment as his best of 2009.

Aside from her team up with Batgirl in World's Finest #3, I would nominate the panel towards the end of #42 when Supergirl asks Lana to call her Linda from then on.

This scene occurs right after the 'strongest girl of two planets' scene between the two. I think many of us are looking forward to seeing more Linda in the book. I want to see 'Linda' become the identity. I wonder if I simply have to wait until New Krypton ends.

Nikki, like me, thought that Supergirl standing up to her zombie father showed a new found inner strength. She simply quoted the scene she loved:

'and if you were really my father, I'd give a damn' *punch* from Blackest Night:Superman.

Eddy Barrows really does a great job on the art here, accentuating the brutality of the fight. I mean, Kara evicerates Black Lantern Zor-El in the last panel. But what I really liked was the first two panels showing only 'will' as Supergirl's resolve let's her ignore his hateful words. The subsequent rage seems like a natural extension of facing off against this abomination.

Talos liked the fact that Supergirl is still gaining new allies with her new attitude.

Hmm how about when we see Supergirl selflessly save Inspector Henderson's very life which leads him to believe that she's equally trust worthy as well as her cousin? :)

Another improvement on the title since Gates/Igle has been the addition of a supporting cast. Adding Henderson was great, giving Supergirl an insider in the police, her own sort of Jim Gordon. In the Superwoman arc, Kara saves Henderson from Superwoman. In return, Henderson takes down Reactron. That mutual rescue, mutual respect has set them up to be allies. I was glad to see him again this last issue.

And with that we bid 2009 adieu and move onto 2010!


TalOs said...

What a very fitting way to go abouts wrapping up your coverage of Supergirl in '09. :)

Thank you for kindly willing to add my suggestion to the final list, Anj. :)

Oh and Anj, over at Comic Book Resources they had done a 'what fan blogs are liking' type of themed review (which I unfortunately can't seem to find on there now) and your's happened to be included with them covering what you had to say about your recommendation for Cosmic Adventures and they even said that your site is well respected by creators even! :D

My sincerest congrats to Landry's masterpiece well as your good self being covered there mate! ;)

Jason said...

More great Supergirl moments from 2009! Great choices, guys! I definitely liked the "call me Linda" scene and am one of the many hoping to see "Linda" become the identity. I've really enjoyed the moments when other DC Universe characters have referred to Kara as "Linda" in her civilian identity (such as when she and Tim had that story together in Superman/Batman).

I'm also a fan of her standing up to Black Lantern Zor-El. I think we all cheered for her in that scene. What an amazing turnaround from the pouty Kara of early issues who just seemed to constantly break down in the face of self-doubt.

Here's to more Super scenes for Supergirl in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Oh and the otherwise discursive "Cosmic Adventures" panel wherein she carries a cow over her head by moonlight groaning "Must...Save...Cow"
That and ALL Moon Supergirl ideations, I guffawed out loud every time I saw those panels.

So I guess I'm marking out hard for "Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade", but honestly I love the current title!
John Feer

Gene said...

Thank you too Anj for including what I thought was a great "movie ending" moment in the comic. I loved everyone else's picks too.

Anonymous said...

my favorite scene in this series is the one where Kata's grieving about losing her father. Its just a powerful scene that shows that no matter how powerful you are you can't prevent something like that.

Anonymous said...


Meant to say Kara, but the key got stuck.

Anonymous said...

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