Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Review: Teen Titans #66

If there was ever a title that I want to like it is Teen Titans. Maybe it is because I have such fond memories of the Wolfman/Perez run from my early adolescence. But it seems I give the Titans a whirl every so often in hopes of it catching my fancy. It never seems to grab hold of me enough to keep me purchasing.

I have honestly picked up and dropped this title 3 times now. The last time I dropped the book was 6 months ago when Ravager left, the only character that I felt was interesting and written with any dimension.

But as I have said in the past, I am a sucker for the 'new direction' issues and Teen Titans #66 seemed to have that feeling to it. The roster of the Titans will be turning over yet again it seems.

One scene that was nicely done was Cassie apologizing to Kara for their fight last year. You may recall that Cassie told Kara that the only reason she was Kara's friend was to somehow keep the memory of Conner closer. That by keeping an 'S-shield' on the team it might help her deal with loss.

Of course Kara felt a bit used and stormed off. Here is that panel from Teen Titans #55, drawn by our friend Jamal Igle.

Cassie asks Kara if they can be friends again and Kara responds 'when were we not?' It's a nice scene of 2 friends reconciling. With that simple hug all the garbage between them is simply gone.

I also like how Supergirl tells Cassie that she knew Cassie had some things to work out. As if Kara doesn't. The presence of the unpacked boxes put this around Supergirl #34, and therefore before the events of New Krypton.
As for Wonder Girl's new look, I find the lack of bracelets jarring. How can you play 'bullets and bracelets' without bracelets?

Cassie then offers Supergirl a spot on the team but Kara responds that she has 'already made another commitment'.

Hmmm ... I assume that she is talking about the new JLA.

Of course this book still hasn't been solicited yet. And I thought the team was formed based on the events of Final Crisis, which hasn't finished yet. Could Hal have been planning his team this far in advance? Or (more likely) is this just another minor flub in the DC editorial control of continuity?Anyways, I am glad the Supergirl/Wonder Girl friendship is back and intact. Kara could use as many friends as she can get. This one seems natural.

As for the rest of the issue, it is standard fare of new applicants coming to the tower. Cyborg shows up and says he will help out as a mentor. The Calculator reveals himself to be the father of Wendy and Marvin.

There is one funny scene where Kid Devil teleports around recruiting with very little success. I especially like the JSA bit.

But not much is set in stone about new members, although it does seem clear that Spoiler will be joining the ranks.

And that is because Tim Drake is quitting. Given his role in The Battle for the Cowl, he can't maintain his Titans presence and so takes off. In a scene which plays off the opening Kara scene, Tim tells Cassie he needs to leave to work some things out.

Rather than have it end bitterly like that Supergirl scene from a year ago, Cassie embraces Tim and says 'do what you need to do ... we will be all right'. It is clear that Cassie has grown over the last year and is more mature. Rather than burn her relationship bridges, she is building a stronger foundation.

There is a nice symmetry to that opening scene with Kara even down to the hug at the end.

All that said, does this mean I will be picking up Teen Titans yet again? The answer is 'probably not'. I don't know if a Titans title can survive where the main characters are Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Kid Devil, Bombshell, and Misfit. Not exactly household names.

If this issue was meant to bring in new readers to sample the title, I don't know if it put out enough bait to keep people coming. And losing Robin, arguably the most popular character on the roster can't help matters.

Otherwise, I thought Sean McKeever had a pretty good handle on dialogue. I usually love Eddy Barrows' art but for some reason this issue seemed a little flat.

Overall grade: B-


John said...

Honestly, this title hasn't been worth a nickel since Geoff Johns left. I know that people can sometimes act as if Geoff is the second coming, but his work on TT is leaps and bounds better than anything that's happened since he left. But at least this issue seems like a step in the right direction. We'll see.

Anj said...

But at least this issue seems like a step in the right direction. We'll see.

Thanks for the post.

While it did pique my interest a bit, there isn't really a character in the group right now that I like enough to buy the title for.

I might pick up next issue just to see how the roster shapes up.

Heath Edwards said...

actually, fellas, i'm quite looking forward to the new team that'll be coming out of this story. i've been reading 'blue beetle', and enjoy jaime and tracy13, so it should be fun to see what happens between them. also, though robin is gone, he was never my favourite character. i've always preferred cassie, and look forward to her being team leader, something i think is long overdue...
it's a pity we won't have a super- on the team, but it understandable, as we don't have too many at the moment... i wonder if there'll be any mention of flamebird and nightwing...

Anonymous said...

The breach isn't healed IMHO til Cassie and Kara have their own "Blonde Justice" miniseries....


John Feer

TalOs said...

Amen to that, John Feer! :D

I truly loved the 'kiss and make up' bit with Cas and Kara but the TT just HAVE to have Supergirl on the team, no ifs or butts to it at the end of the day really! (STUFF THE JL! LET KARA RE JOIN THE TEEN TITANS INSTEAD!) Otherwise can DC really think that by having 1 icon family member (Wonder Girl) truly be enough in order to continue selling the title here on out? :/

P.S. Good Lord how I truly dislike Wonder Girl's new look complete with no magical Amazonian bracelets! BLUGH! (Thank God she still has the golden lasso though! *PHEW!*)

Anonymous said...

I say Kara should headline her own super-team, the Super-Mythos equivalent of the Bat-centric "Brids of Prey".


John Feer

Nikki said...

I just want to point out kara's finger, lookie there...its pointing to her mouth again. Porn Star my ass...its a cute quirky throwback mannerism

Anj said...

I just want to point out kara's finger, lookie there...its pointing to her mouth again. Porn Star my ass...its a cute quirky throwback mannerism

Thanks for the post! I hadn't noticed that.

I wonder if all artists are going to pick up on that and include it in her mannerisms.

Saranga said...

Holy crap I'd forgotten about that JL Wizard cover. If that comes off I'll be so chuffed.

Glad to see another Ravager fan.

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