Friday, July 12, 2013

Supergirl's Rogues - Superman The Legend Cards

I knew when the Superman The Legend cards were produced by Cryptozoic that I would be wasting some money on impulse buys. The box is right next to the cash register at my comic book store, positioned perfectly for me to grab a pack as I am cashing out.

I know ... I know ... I could buy the whole series for $5 on EBay. But instead I tapped into a bit of my youth and have tried to do it the old fashioned way. Anyways, I gushed about the Mahmud Asrar Supergirl card just last month here:

Anyways, after some more purchases I found that some Supergirl specific rogues actually got their own cards. And that made me so happy I had to share them as well!

First off, my favorite of the bunch ... Lucy Lane in her Superwoman outfit!

Superwoman was one of the best parts of the Gates/Igle run and a true new rogue for Supergirl. I loved how she was so eager for her Daddy's love she was willing to fuse with the Superwoman suit and fight Supergirl and all of New Krypton. And with the mix of magic and Kryptonian powers, she sure was a threat!

The text seems a bit off. I wouldn't call her a 'hero with divided loyalties'. I'd call her a villain.

It was sweet to see Superwoman again. Too bad we never saw her square off against that Supergirl again.

And then we get to villain cards from the Mike Johnson era on the current book.

First off the World Killers! They were the DCnU Supergirl's first villains and a tough crew for her to deal with.

Will Michael Alan Nelson pick up on these old storylines? Will the World Killers return? Will Nelson acknowledge that Zor-El experimented on Kara? Is Kara the fifth World Killer? Or is there someone else.

I actually like this group being out there and specifically targeting them against Kara.

And lastly, Black Banshee. Great artwork here as well.

I know that in the comic Kara has abandoned Earth. But when she comes back, will Nelson have her face off against the possessed Silver Banshee? Will Black Banshee exert his malevolence on Siobhan.

This card series was a total of 62 cards. With Supergirl, Kara Kent, Silver Banshee, Black Banshee, Superwoman, and the World Killers all on cards, Supergirl has 10% of this run all to herself. Heck, if you add Cat Grant as a Supergirl-ish character, it's higher. I think that is pretty good representation!

Seriously though, I love that Lucy Lane/Superwoman card if only because it reminds me of a great Supergirl run!

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PRgirl1294 said...

I have a theory that H'el is the fifth World-killer but doesn't know it. Considering his false memories and his enormous power set and his resemblance to Reign and how the Oracle is so afraid of him destroying the universe, I think that it would make sense. What do you think about my theory.