Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Supergirl Who's Who: Team Superman #1 1998

I am such a fan of DC Comics Who's Who entries feeling they are a great way to introduce readers to characters and a universe. I wish that DC would put out a New 52 Who's Who series but my sense is they don't even have a good enough handle on the new universe's timeline to put out an encyclopedic look at their characters.

Back in the pre-internet days, these Who's Who pages were also one of the only ways to learn about characters. And I thought for dedicated Who's Who issues, I would read about characters whose books I would never really touch. In this day when character information is just a google search away, I still think there is room for a Who's Who series.

As for DC, they haven't done a dedicated Who's Who since the 'loose leaf' format one from the mid-1990's. Instead, they would often slip some Who's Who pages into Annuals or special one-shots. In this instance, I thought I would post the Supergirl Who's Who page from the Team Superman Secret Files #1 special from May 1998.

What a beautiful page with text by Peter David (who was writing the book at the time) and drawn by Stuart Immonen! I don't know of any other instances where Immonen drew Supergirl. I have liked his work since the 5YL Legion reboot.

This issue came out just three months after Supergirl's flame wings and angelic powers had first manifested. So we barely touch upon what her powers are.

But one thing I love is that whole second paragraph which sums up what I loved about this book and about Supergirl in general. Linda got to see the world 'through the eyes of a being who only looks for the best in others.' That is a perfect line to describe Supergirl. And, of course, as this was Matrix, the merging with Linda gave her some humanity and a soul that needed to be redeemed. Just wonderful stuff there.

Moreover, this issue has a bunch of other Supergirl-centric Who's Who pages!
Buzz & Linda by Peter David and Amanda Conner
The Danvers by Peter David and Derec Aucoin
Leesburg Friends (Cutter Sharp, Mattie Harcourt, and Dick Malverne) by Peter David and Yancy Labat
Wally (the God Boy) by Peter David and Leonard Kirk
Comet by Peter David and Leonard Kirk
Twilight by Peter David and Amanda Conner

If people want me to review these as well let me know.

I have also covered official Who's Who pages and other similar sort of informational text on this blog in a number of places here: http://comicboxcommentary.blogspot.com/search/label/Who%27s%20Who

And I will admit that I have been thinking about Who's Who a lot lately because of how much I have been enjoying the Who's Who Fire and Water Pod Cast which has been taking a look back at the original Who's Who series from the late 1980's. Run by Rob from Aquaman Shrine and Shag from Firestorm Fan, the podcast is well worth listening to if you are a DC fan.


LJ-90 said...

Nice article Anj!

But doesn't the Codename Patriot Secret Files counts as a Who's Who? I mean, it had the pages of information about a lot of characters and everything.

Anj said...

I have included them in the 'Who's Who' label here.

For example:

I love Who's Who pages.