Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Silver Banshee Designs

The second trade collection for the DCnU Supergirl - Girl in the World - came out this week. It collected issues eight through twelve and the zero issue. The book includes the Silver Banshee story, some Tycho stories, and the origin issue.

There are some nice moments in this collection. And I have come to appreciate the irony of the DCnU Supergirl's origin, something of a distorted version of Kal's, dramatic differences making things stand out.

But I have the issues in their floppy form. The only reason to grab a trade collection for me is for easy reading and extras. And gratefully, DC has included a lot of Mahmud Asrar extras in the back of the book. As I have said, as a long time collector, I love the behind the scenes peeks into the creative process.

Now I'm not going to post everything. But in the trade you get page layouts for issue 12, an alternate cover for Supergirl #0, and cover thumbnails for the included issues.

It also has character designs for Supergirl's Kryptonian practice armor, Black Banshee, and even the Nanite guy on the cover.

But the jewel of this back material is the Silver Banshee design pictures.

Man, these all look good so I can only imagine how hard it was to pick just one.
I love the Siobhan page.

I am way more partial to the long haired Banshee design, thinking it would add a visual element that could be used for some atmosphere. There is also something more ghostly to her if the hair is shrouding her.

You can see how the long-haired Banshee from above is more consistent with the classic Silver Banshee look with the torn boot tops, etc.

Here we see something closer to the DCnU Banshee. I still think the long hair works better. Let Siobhan keep the pixie cut and have the Banshee have the long locks. Wonderful.

I also like the 'x-ray' Banshee below. It is such a different look from the classic that it grabbed me visually. Still, I think it looks more jarring and so might be distracting long term.

I am glad that DC includes stuff like this in their trades. I would love to have a foreword now, some commentary on the stories.

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Jay said...

Seeing some unseen Asrar work is bittersweet with his announcement that Supergirl #20 was his last on the title. A great run though!