Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth Of July With Mike Maihack - Updated

I am off for some patriotic frivolity so no major post today.

I did think that doing some sort of red,white, and blue themed post might be appropriate for July 4th. So I am sharing this drawing from Mike Maihack ... his interpretation of Supergirl Red and Supergirl Blue.

I love this art for any number of reasons. But the poses and expressions completely capture the different personalities of the Super-Red (fiery, action oriented) and Super-Blue (cerebral, controlled) entities. Just great stuff here.

Would love to see these two again with an animated costume (white shirt) Supergirl in the middle. Then we would have a true Red, White, and Blue Supergirl Fourth of July Special!

I have talked about my love of Maihack's work a bunch of times here.  Here is his web site:

And here is what Mike had to say about the design:

The piece was done for a Project: Rooftop panel at Heroes Con last month. We were challenged to come up with a  new design and of course I choose Supergirl because I like drawing Supergirl. While researching the zillions of costume changes that she's already had (or fans have come up with) I came across Superman Red and Blue and thought, "You know, that was kinda lame, but might be kinda cool for Supergirl." Plus half my costume changing decisions wold be done for me. I ended up adding my own flourishes, like the capes--because it's weird drawing Kara without a cape--and the metal arm bands--mostly because I like drawing metal armbands--but also because I thought it would be a great conductor for her newfound energy powers. My only regret was deciding to acrylic wash this on canvas board which didn't really take the medium very well. But I was out of watercolor paperer at the time so I thought I'd try it out. Would love to maybe draw them again sometime, but digitally color them like I normally do. 

In my head, and hopefully it come across in the drawing, Blue is a bit more pensive and Red is a bit more fiery but both are good. I honestly can see this being a fun concept to bring into a Supergirl story arc. The Supergirl I want to draw about at any rate.

Thanks for responding! I love input on the creative process!!

I am not a huge fan of the concept of Superman Red, Superman Blue overall. But I thought Maihack's commission/sketch was just inspired. I had never seen a Supergirl take on that idea before, anywhere.


elknight20 said...

VERY cool!!!! I love Mike's work & I'm glad to see it get noticed, up here, as well as on Tumblr! :)

GettinJiggly said...

Very nice piece, wonder if he has a deviantART page so I can add them to my Images Unplugged deviantART Picks. Hope you had a safe holidy.