Monday, July 1, 2013

Cat Staggs' Supergirl Smallville Costume And Cover Designs

It has been great to see Supergirl in the Smallville comic.

Writer Bryan Q. Miller has been able to tap into the strength of the character, showcasing the pro-active heroing that we saw on the series, so wonderfully portrayed by Laura Vandervoort.

I love getting behind the scenes stuff about the creative process in comics, so I appreciated seeing these pages in the last print issue of Smallville, looking at Cat Staggs' design of Kara's 30th century costume and a digital cover design.

The idea of Supergirl being the focus of a propaganda poster is fascinating. Seeing this regal, strong Supergirl standing in front of the Krypton flag looking out on to the horizon is a powerful visual.

I would love to have seen a more complete version of the first concept thumbnail up top. That really has a propaganda feel to it.

As for the print cover, I love Pete Woods 'Supergirl rallying cry' which ended up being the final one. But boy, I love concept A, a riff on Action Comics #1. I also love concept D, the super-cousins literally stuck between two worlds. Both would have worked.

I also liked Staggs' military-style costume that Supergirl sports in these issues. The duster overcoat is reminiscent of Trinity in the Matrix. For me, it gives an aura of impending crazy action. It also allows some cape-like movement and visuals without being a cape. Slick. Congratulations to Staggs for adding another variant costume to Kara's history!

I will say the back of the costume without the coat seems needlessly busy.

I do wonder if Pete Woods was thinking of Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People when he drew this cover.


elknight20 said...

I LOVE the redesign!!! :D I got the newest issue of Smallville, just this week! :)

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