Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Sterling Gates And Michael Alan Nelson Interviews

In a nice confluence of Supergirl goodness, the current writer Michael Alan Nelson and the past writer Sterling Gates were both interviewed for the magazine Mass Movement in the MM36 issue. Here is the link:

The magazine is an interesting mix of music and comics news and interviews. I firmly believe that comic creators are rock stars of a sort. So this mix feels like chocolate and peanut butter, two great tastes that taste great together.

The magazine as a whole is worth scrolling through and there is an interview with Talon writer James Tynion IV as well. So enjoy. But I'll focus on the Gates and Nelson stuff.

The Sterling Gates interview starts on page 86.

Gates talks about Supergirl, Vibe, and his favorite trades of all time. It is definitely worth reading in its entirety.

I thought this section of the article was great where Gates revisits his time on Supergirl, discussing his favorite story moments as well as the best 'real life moments' while on the series.

This was like a sort of highlight reel for me as well as some of Gates' favorite moments in the series match some of my own. The use of Klukor, the introduction of Linda Lang, the Legion annual, and the gut-wrenching scene with BizarroGirl all rank very high for me in that run.

And I can only imagine how cool it must have been to hear that Helen Slater would be working on the trade as well.

He also comments on Vibe and emphasizes what I think is the best part of the book. Cisco is a good kid who is trying to do what's right. Of course he is working in a corrupt system. Will this challenge dim his optimism? Or will it make those around him question their own morality?

I have loved the Vibe comic, a throwback of heroism in a grim DCnU.

Michael Alan Nelson also is interviewed. His piece starts on page 100. There is a fair amount on his beginnings, his work on Fall of Cthulhu, and his work on Supergirl

Again, you should read all of it. Well worth it.

This is too small to read as is so you'll need to open up the picture. But this question talks about Nelson's thoughts about taking over for Supergirl and who he thinks she is.

It is a great answer. He acknowledges that Supergirl has her 'legions of fans'. Hey! That's us! He does say that he couldn't feel pressured by what her fans want. As there are factions of Kara fandom, I am glad he said this because there is no way he could satisfy everybody.

But he also says he wants to stay true to her character and tell good stories. That sounds like simple common sense and yet it is very reassuring to me. Others have tried to force Supergirl to be something she isn't. I have been pleased with Nelson's approach so far. I think he does have an understanding of who Kara is.

Supergirl's past and future in one magazine! Fantastic!

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