Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ame Comi Series 3 Mini-statue

Since the Ame Comi line of statues have been announced, I have shied away from any of the Supergirl statues for my collection. The whole purpose of Ame Comi is skimpy outfits and crazy poses. I didn't think I'd ever grab one.

Well, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I was in my comic book store. The owner knows my affection for Supergirl and pointed out the above figure, the Series 3 mini-statue of Ame Comi Supergirl. Not only was it in the store but it was 50% off. I figured I deserved a little self-gifting and decided to treat myself.

Unlike some of the other Ame Comi's, this is a relatively tame 'costume', a sort of one piece mini-dress with an off-the shoulder cape. I could have done if the sides of the dress were 'intact' rather than cut out, but it still isn't that bad. Moreover, the face on this Supergirl is adorable.

And, perhaps the best thing of all, a Streaky is curled up and cozy on Kara's head. How could I resist that?

I apologize for the blurriness of this shot but this is what the figurine looks like from behind. I like the dynamic cape.

And this sort of above shot so you can get a sense of Streaky!

Who would have thought it? I own an Ame Comi piece. I like this piece a lot.


GettinJiggly said...

Nice looking piece.

Anonymous said...

I love how DC works, Supergirl in Anime Comics so far has thrown one fruitless punch, been mind controlled by Brainiac and then swanned about in a semi coma. A stellar record of underachievement best celebrated with a collectible figurine . OR They could skip the collectible mishaugas and try to make SG "Not Suck" in a book where she above All Others Should Stand Out...
It ain't rocket science, oh wait I forget this iis DC Comics I'm talking about ""Not Sucking" is Quantum Physics to them.


Saranga said...

Oh I want it now!