Saturday, June 22, 2013

Superman:The Legend Supergirl Card

I have talked about the Superman: The Legend cards before and as I feared they have become an impulse buy each week as I cash out at my comic store.

Finally, luck won out and I got a Supergirl card in this week's pack with art by Mahmud Asrar.

I suppose the use of the world Legend in the title allows DC to use some artistic license in the info on the cards. We see all sorts of versions of a variety of incarnations of the Superman characters rather than simply the New 52 information.

And that is seen pretty clearly here on the Supergirl card sporting the belly shirt costume from the last version of Kara. It also is a more angelic Supergirl, floating among the clouds, the birds flying with her. I don't know if the expression is bemused or pensive. But one thing it isn't ... it isn't angry.

And it isn't the New 52 costume either.

I asked Mahmud Asrar about the artistic choice and he said both the costume and concept were specified to him. Fascinating ...

And here are the words he was given.

Happy and carefree!

Not at all like the New 52 Kara.

Unfortunately, the text on the card is pretty sparse. We are given a couple of lines about how she is older but arrived later. I do love that she got the coveted #2 slot in the card deck, right after Superman himself.

But there is nothing about her powers.

Nothing about her personality.

Too bad. I would have loved some line which defined her personality in some way. Although, given the scattershot approach to continuity in this card set, I suppose the vaguer the text the better.

Anyways, I love the art here. And I am still hoping to get a Kara Kent, Silver Banshee, and World Killer card. I suppose I should bite the bullet and buy a complete set off EBay rather than hoping luck is waiting for me in a random pack.


GettinJiggly said...

I have found this odd with most of DC's merchandise. They just can't get the entire New 52 concept going across all categories. If they are going to make toys cards etc of the Pre-52 characters they should IMO label them that way. Then also include another "card", snippet, or other material that relates to the current version.

Anj said...

I completely agree.

It seems like they want the best of all worlds. But this is basically confusing to new fans.

Anonymous said...

Part of it is that DC sells more tham comic books, as these cards demonstrate. The belly shirt costume looks like something a teenager might wear, and earlier versions are safe for consumption by an audience that might include children too. DC licenses out their character's images for things like Halloween costumes for children for example, but there is no way a mother would let her 9 year old daughter go out in a costume based on the current version. No way. So images of the older versions will remain. DC still needs to be able to market its non-comic product to people other than 15-35 year old males.

valerie21601 said...

Anon your right about the Supergirl costumes. When it's Halloween I see at least a dozen little girls wearing the Matrix Supergirl outfit at my apartment complex. The one year I was curious and kept count on it. 14 girls showed up that Halloween.