Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random Notes - Supergirl Movie, Mike Maihack's Kara Kent, & Lois Lane Love

This is going to be a busy week for me here at the Comic Box. Between four comics to review, sales review, a back issue I have been longing to look at, and the Man of Steel movie coming out, my plate is full.

That said, there have been a bunch of stories that I have come across that are worth reviewing here even briefly.

First off, we knew that Kara Zor-El was going to be part of the Man of Steel movie universe given the exclusive prequel comic that came out. Now there might be a little fire where we saw that smoke. Here is a link to Comic Book who asked producer Deborah Snyder about Supergirl:

When asked about Martian Manhunter rumors, Snyder merely laughed but when pressed about Supergirl, her reaction was entirely different. "...the one thing if you look closely when Henry’s going through the Fortress of Solitude there’s an empty… you know all the bodies… the pods? There’s an empty pod. I’m not going to say what, or if, it means anything but there is an empty pod there," said Snyder.

When Snyder was pressed to elaborate on her answer, she didn't offer up much more, "No. [Laughs] I’m not going to say anything but, it’s a thing. It’s a thing. That’s one Easter Egg that, I don’t know. Again, it might not mean anything, [but] it might mean something…"  

Can you imagine seeing Supergirl on the big screen? I worry about what Zach Snyder's version of her character might look like ... but this is amazing news.

I have been intrigued the content of the Superman:The Legend trading cards as it seems to fly in the face of the current New 52 DCnU. I doubt any kid out there is collecting these cards as a gateway to the comic books. But if they did, they would be pretty confused between what is on the card and what is in the stories.

Take, for example this great Kara Kent card by one of my favorites Mike Maihack. I love Maihack's take on Kara. And I love this image of a happy-go-lucky super-teen walking the hallways of high school. But when was the last time there was a Kara Kent? 

During the announcements of the impending celebration of Superman's 75thy anniversary, it was noted by many (me included) that Lois Lane seemed to be being ignored. This was Lois 75th anniversary as well. She has been a mainstay in comics since Action Comics #1 and has been a hero and role model. It looks as if the grass roots efforts of a lot of people to get Lois into the spotlight has been recognized a little. DC just announced a anniversary trade for Lois here:

And here is the solicit:
Don’t miss these tales starring Lois Lane, Superman and more, reprinted from ACTION COMICS #1-2, 6, 484, 600 and 662, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #631, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #2-3, MAN OF STEEL #2, SHOWCASE #9, SUPERMAN #29, 33-34, 58 and 168, SUPERMAN 80-PAGE GIANT 2011 #1, SUPERMAN: LOIS LANE #1, SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #5, 16, 23, 42 and 106, and WONDER WOMAN #170!

It is 384 pages and $27.99. Can't wait to get this.

Lastly, I know it is probably money not well spent but I will be pretty pumped to pick up this variant cover of Superman Unchained #1 by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez today.

I even think the price tag of 499 cents is amusing.

Anyone else pick up any of the many variants out there?


LJ-90 said...

I like that Lois is being treated a little well, I remember that in the day of the 75 years anniversary there was people making a thread in twitter about Lois and some Superman fans complaining that Lois wasn't important enough to "take the spotlight away from the main character", I think both characters have grown a lot and mean a lot to different people so it's nice to see that Lois fans have something for them.

I'll probably buy the trade for my girlfriend, she's a big Lois fan.

Count Drunkula said...

I really like that Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Praise Be His Name) cover. I got the digital SUPERMAN UNCHAINED from ComiXology, so I didn't get any of the variants or the full effect of the fold-out/fold-up pages.

As for Supergirl on the big screen? I'd love to see it; she deserves it! It would be great to work her into a Superman film and set her up for a solo movie, but, as you say, probably with a different director. I haven't seen MAN OF STEEL yet, but I have concerns about Zach Snyder as a director.

Gene said...

Well lets see...

Superman fans had to wait 19 years full of false starts between Superman IV and Returns, and then another seven years until this week.

Next year it will be 30 years since Supergirl graced the silver screen so yeah...I think she is overdue for a theatrical return... ;)

Landry Q Walker said...

Kara at school? Seems like that should be a book or something.

Anonymous said...

I do not trust the Nolan-Snyder axis to do any justice to Supergirl. They strike me as exactly in tune with DC"s "Cheap Heat, Short Money" zeitgeist and as a consequence would not turn a hair to export COIE#7 to the big screen. I'm sure they can visualize a sock-o movie poster....

elknight20 said...

I can't wait to see the movie in theaters, in the coming week or so!!!!

I hope the rumor of Kara is true, though!

I'd be delighted to see where the next team, in the sequel, takes the story! :D

Anonymous said...

I went to my local comic book shop today and saw Superman Unchained #1 and its variant covers. The owner wanted $30 for the Lois and Superman variant and $15 for any of the other variants. I settled for the original cover ($4.99).
-- DW

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Like all of you I would welcome seeing Kara back on the big screen but am a bit wary of Snyder's direction.

My store sold the Garcia-Lopez variant for $19.95 if you put money down in advance.

Anj said...

Kara at school? Seems like that should be a book or something.

I know ... the saddest are these 'what might have been'!

Holding out hope!

Anonymous said...

I got a look at the full Man of Steel prequel comic which features Kara Zor-El and it does suggest that there could be a Supergirl movie in the future. The second to the last page is quite similar to the first appearance of Matrix, where scientists are intrigued by a mysterious signal coming from the polar region (here it is from the Artic, in Matrix's case it was the Antartic). The last page focuses on the fishing trawler where Clark Kent works, which is in Artic waters. Would he search for the source of the signal?

elknight20 said...

I'm a bit wary of how the team's going to portray Kara, as well. I still miss the Linda Danvers version. And that's one kind of Supergirl movie that's long overdue.