Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bullet Review: Ame-Comi Girls #4

Ame Comi Girls #4 came out last week and continued the high-octane high-fun look at a different sort of DC Universe, one where only women have super-powers, be they heroes or villains.

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray seem to be having a lot of fun with this book. There seems to be a lightness to the book since it isn't laden down with either significant continuity or angst/seriousness. This is a popcorn movie, not Ingmar Bergman film. And in this world of overly dark comics, this is a welcome treat. I just get the sense that these creators just don't take this book too seriously and that makes it a blast to write.

Now I do have some issues with the book, in particular the treatment of Supergirl in this universe. In her own issue, she was immediately brainwashed by the villain and fought the heroes. In subsequent issues, she has been put into stasis. Here, we see she still is in Dark Supergirl mode. I can only hope that sometime soon in this book Palmiotti and Gray let Supergirl shine. As of now, it is clear that Power Girl is the lead character. In fact, I almost feel like the book should be called 'Power Girl and the Ame Comi Girls'.

The art in the issue is split by Eduardo Francisco and Derec Donovan. Both carry the right style for this book. 

Last issue ended with Star Sapphire trying to brainwash/seduce Jimmy Olsen and taking him away from Power Girl. It is a brawl which ends with Star Sapphire tossing Power Girl to her apparent death in deep space. Luckily the new Green Lantern, Jade, is able to come along and save Power Girl.

I really like this Jade. Remember, she is blind so I like that all of her sensory descriptions have to do with hearing. She 'heard' Star Sapphire's 'music' and investigated. It reminds me just a little of Rot Lop Fan, the blind Lantern/Bell created by Alan Moore.

I also liked the description that the Sapphires can corrupt some beings, making them emotionally unstable. At least we know Carol here doesn't have all her faculties and therefore is this lustful jealous Star Sapphire.

The fight ends without much drama. Green Lantern simply grabs the sapphire, removing it from Carol. Carol then reverts to her human form. Interesting that she already is asking for it back. That must be a heady feeling to be flush with that much power and emotion. I don't think we have seen the last of her.

This part of the book ends with the warning that Parallax is coming to Earth. I love Jimmy's response. On these Earths, it must get pretty tiresome to be invaded over and over.

The middle part of the book deals with Power Girl's efforts to cure Supergirl. Her solution is a classic ... injecting the Atom to swim through Kara's blood stream to cure her from the inside. How Silver Age!

The root of Supergirl's evil is a chunk of Black Kryptonite wedged at the base of her brain and guarded by Brainiac antibodies. I love how the Atom denies being a hero and has to use the 'just in case' guns Power Girl gave her. That whole banter was great.

The efforts to cure Supergirl awakens her from her coma/slumber.

And, of course, she is still Brainiac's thrall and immediately attacks Power Girl.

Seriously, can't Supergirl catch a break in this book?

Luckily, the Atom is able to disable the Black Kryptonite chunk with a focal EMP.

So Supergirl can stop beating up super-heroes. At least for now.

Maybe I am sensitized but even back in control of herself and dressed in the right colors, she still looks and sounds vapid.

I suppose I should be happy that she isn't dressed in black and praising Brainiac.

Still, I would love it if Supergirl actually is shown in a positive light in this book ... and soon.

The remainder of the book delves into the origins of Sinestra. And in this universe she sounds unbelievably powerful and terrifying. She wields both a yellow and a black ring!

Loud, fast, and fun, this book continues to be entertaining. I am loving the Jade character. And Power Girl is written with the same strength and wit that Palmiotti/Gray brought to her solo title.

If only Supergirl could be a hero!

Overall grade: B+


GettinJiggly said...

I still haven't read this series, probably because I saw the interior art once and it didn't impress me. I was hoping when DC announced an Anime style series the art would be more in line with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm just relieved that Supergirl has been cured and that both Supergirl, Power Girl and the others can face Sinestra and the threat she presents.
-- DW

Anonymous said...

Good Old DC Comics, They NEVER change....they create and market a universe where the Legacy Heroines RULE and still manage to treat their Key Legacy Heroine like a hopeless Bimbo.

Class All The Way DC Comics
Class All The Way,