Thursday, May 2, 2013

DC Comics Superman: The Legend Cards With Some Mahmud Asrar Examples

I can't recall the last time I actually collected trading cards. Probably not since the DC Comics Cosmic Cards from 1991. I still have my 'Golden Age Superman' card with art by Steve Rude, staring me in the face most mornings from my office desk (and horribly faded after 32 years).

With the upcoming Superman movie, the merchandise machine is churning and so DC Comics Superman: The Legend card set is coming out. Here is the promotional blurb (thanks to the Superman Home Page).

Collect your favorite citizens of Metropolis with the trading card set dedicated to the Man of Steel, Superman! Written by comic book writer Adam Beechen, the cards will provide insight from an insider's perspective. Superman has appeared in many forms and costumes, and one of the chase sets will take a look at some of the fan favorites. Sketch cards will be included in every 24 packs, so be on the lookout for your chance to collect an original piece of art based on one of the greatest Super Heroes of all time!

For me, I love the fact that this series is a complete look at Superman's history and characters. So we should see all the versions of Superman's costumes from Siegel and Shuster's original costume all the way up the Jim Lee's New 52 version. 

And it seems that it won't just be Superman showcased in this series but all members of the Superman Family! On his site, Mahmud Asrar has been posting some of his art being used for the series. 

First up, Supergirl in the belly shirt costume (which means we might be seeing all her costumes in the series as well).

 And here is his Lois Lane. 

And here is a young Morrison-style Superman.

Just great stuff by Asrar!

I can already tell that if these are in my comic store that I will be picking up a pack as I cash out ... the ultimate impulse buy. 

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