Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Channel 52 Retraction

When DC started the 'Channel 52' promotional pages in the back of their books, I thought it was a great idea. It would serve as publicity for the DC books and might entice me to buy something I otherwise might not. But it also included Vartox, Ambush Bug, Bethany Snow, and Calendar Man as a phony news crew, injecting some humor into the plugs.

And, best of all, it had Freddie Williams II art. I love his art.

Pretty quickly however, it became apparent that the pages weren't exactly plugging books in a truthful way. I commented on my problems with the 'ads' here and here.

If I couldn't believe the publicity DC was giving me about the books, why would I ever bother to actually buy them?

Well, it seems like maybe I wasn't alone in my complaints because last week's Channel 52 was an actual retraction of prior 'episodes'. To quote the Bethany Snow character:

I'd like to address some of the confusion we seem to have had on air lately.

The world we live in changes by the minute which means that getting you the most accurate news and information can be what saves you family when disaster strikes.

We are pleased to comply with the request to clarify a few possible inaccurate statements we made in the heat of producing a live news show.

We're truly sorry for any misunderstandings.

She points to the screen filled with tiny text as the 'inaccurate statements'.

Okay, it sounds like an apology done in a humorous fashion and I am okay with that. Assuming that future 'episodes' are more in line with the books they are showcasing.

And if I complain when DC does something wrong, I should apologize when they do something right.

Thank you DC for recognizing and rectifying.


valerie21601 said...

I'll have to remember to call my LCS and reserve my Smallville (Legion of Super Heroes issues).

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