Monday, May 13, 2013

'Supergirl Devotion' By Steve Garcia

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for showcasing the motivational silhouette posters by artist Steve Garcia. Here is a link to that original article:

In heading over to Garcia's website you get to see just how many of these great posters he has made. It is well worth perusing to see if he made one for your favorite character:

I thought this Supergirl poster, like all of Garcia's pieces, was visually engaging, just grabbing the eye. 'Devotion' is an interesting word to describe Supergirl. Devoted to family. Devoted to justice and doing what's right. I like it. I like how you sense that she is looking out towards the horizon, hopeful.

I think the lower negative silhouette is based on this classic photo promoting Laura Vandervoort as she was beginning her run on Smallville as Supergirl.

The main image looks so familiar that I wonder if it was based on anything. The closest I can come to it (and it clearly isn't this) was the cover to Supergirl #50.

Still it is a very nice piece. I am glad he made one for Kara.

Some know that I have a soft spot in my heart for Professor Zoom, one of my all time favorite villains. This is beautiful.

And blog friend Diabolu Frank covers not only the Martian Manhunter poster on his Idol-Head of Diabolu but also has links to a bunch of other posters on other blogs. I like how J'onn's word is Empathy ... maybe a throwback to a kinder gentler Manhunter?

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Anonymous said...

Me I think "ENTHUSIASM" when I think of Supergirl, Kal El IS the Job, Supergirl Loves the Job that is the abiding difference between them, it gives her a crucial perspective advantage that compensates nicely for her lack of experience.
Devotion is fine I suppose....