Thursday, September 5, 2019

Terrificon 2019 Review Part 3 - Dan Brereton

Well, we come to the end of my Terrificon coverage.

Hard to believe that the con is almost a month in the past. The three days flew by as I ran to meet as many creators as I could, did my best to get commissions, and even meet Diabolu Frank!

I have to admit, this is the convention for me these days. Just an incredible array of comic book creators and celebrities.

I was lucky enough to get all the commissions I was hoping to get during the con. You have already seen the Dan Jurgens and Colleen Doran ones.

The last commission I was hoping to grab was from Dan Brereton. I have been a fan of Brereton since his work on the prestige format mini-series The Psycho. I have since followed him to Nocturnals, Legends of the World's Finest, Giant Killer, and other minis and one shots. I love his style.

I have a painted Brereton commission framed in my comic book nook but I was hoping to grab one in the sketch book. I love his stuff and wanted to get one in that format.

Thankfully, I got to him early and was and nabbed a place on his list.

Check out this commission!

I am amazed at how well this captures Brereton's style as well as giving us a dramatic and gorgeous Supergirl.

There is something about the hands on hips, blowing cape, and dramatic hair that just works.

And I love how much depth there is with this pencil sketch. Just gorgeous.

So all in all, an amazing convention for commissions.

As for signatures, I was very happy when I found the Marvel Super Special Blade Runner book at the Plastic City Comic Con. In the twenty cent box no less!

It was is near pristine condition!

And it sported that fantastic Jim Steranko cover! I debated getting Steranko to sign but in the end, I decided I had to. Blade Runner is one of my favorite films.

Hard to read because he signed over himself, but he wrote 'To Anj - Regards, Steranko'.

Even better, Steranko said he was on the set whenthey filmed  Zhora ran through the plate glass window. Amazing!

It was a great convention.

Here is the stack of comics I got signed at the convention!

While a subset of these have been mailed off to friends, the bulk of these are mine. A lot of work!

Folks should definitely head to Terrificon if they can!

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Martin Gray said...

Great sketch, that's one slinky Supergal!

What an impressive pile, you're such a kind fella.