Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Supergirl Season 5 Poster

We are in the home stretch for the Supergirl season 5 premiere on October 6th.

As part of the promotion, the CW released this poster.

I love Kara front and center in the poster in her new costume and looking off into the distance.

But I also like that this season all the supporting cast is there as well.

This is an ensemble show so I am glad to see everyone in the cast get a nod.

But Supergirl is the axle the show revolves around. I am thrilled she has the position of prominence and the presence she does.

Can't wait for the show to get back on the air!


Anonymous said...

The current publicity is trafficking the word "escapism" a lot, we'll see what that means the the Berlantiverse I guess..


KET said...

Season premier teaser video debuted this week as well....cuts right to the chase , so to speak, and packs a lot of emotional tension in its too short time frame. Supercorp shippers are already freaking out a bit.


Anonymous said...

"Supercorp shippers are already freaking out a bit."

Most excellent