Thursday, September 12, 2019

Boston Fan Expo Review

Hard to believe but summer con season is about a year in the rear view mirror.

This was a great year with Terrificon being a comic creator/commission fueled 3 day marathon of running from table to table.

Right afterwards was Boston Fan Expo. While there were great comic creators, this was a much more laid back convention for me with no commissions and just a few signatures I was hoping to get.

As such, it was a super fun, relaxed time thumbing through books, looking for hidden gems, and actually taking my time with the few creators I was hoping to meet

 But all of that was secondary to meeting so many comic community friends in person.

Rob, Ryan, and Shag from the Fire and Water Podcast Network,.
Diabolu Frank from the Rolled Spine Network.
Darrin and Ruth Sutherland from the RaD Network.
Derek Crabbe from the Fanholes podcast.
Keith G Baker, Time Price, and Ward Hill Terry were all there as well.

It was just amazing to meet these incredible people who I have been friends with forever on line. Walking the con, breaking bread, and even watching Transformers cartoons, that was totally the highlight. (Yes, I am the shy Dr. Mid-Nite at the far left.)

What is just as amazing is some of these friends thought that I was so organized and on missions at this con, which honestly was the most laid back con I have been to in a decade.

There was one major (probably minor) purchase.

I found a decent copy of Action Comics #261, the first appearance of Streaky, at a decent price.

I have only seen high grade copies in the wild. So this serviceable copy is perfect for my collection! Yay Streaky!!

 The major signature get was Becky Cloonan on my Harley Quinn #0.

That's now 11 sigs on that book.

I will also say it was great to see Steve Rude again. And I was very excited to meet Dan Slott and gush about She-Hulk and Silver Surfer for 2 days in a row. Slott was so animated and just a great ambassador for the scene.

And I have to be honest, I kind of gushed about his She-Hulk to him. Love that run.

As I said, this was a low-key con for creator missions which meant I had time to thumb through the cheap bins.

I found this book from my youth, lost in some parental purge. The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #6 with Howard Chaykin art, sure to be brought to the next con I see Chaykin at.

But the big win was meeting my buddies!

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Martin Gray said...

Fab report, wish I'd been there!

You honestly can't beat those old comics, every issue had the grabbiest cover.