Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Leviathan Theory: Action Comics #1014 Clues Review

Well, we are approaching the halfway mark of the Event Leviathan phenomenon.

That means clues are now starting to add up. With new information, some suspects should be considered less likely. And other should be considered more likely.

Action Comics #1014 came out last week and gave us one big clue drop. I suppose the information conveyed here will eventually be revealed in the main Leviathan book. But for those of us following here, we got this bonus nugget a little early.

But for me, it is something of a big deal because I think it makes a couple of suspects more likely. In fact, I think this adds some further credence to my overall Leviathan Theory that it is Ted Kord and the Charlton heroes.

So first a review of the mystery angle.

One of the big mysteries around Leviathan is the blue energy that the group is using to destroy sites while whisking people away unharmed.

Remember, Superman described it as things being 'just not there anymore'. Not disintegration. Not destruction.

Later, Batman describes the energy as something not in his catalog, perhaps otherworldly.

Those descriptions have led me to implicate Captain Atom, The Atom, and even Adam Strange. All have access to odd energies.

So what did we learn in Action Comics #1014?

The folks at S.T.A.R. Labs have determined the blasts are using temporal energy.

And these temporal energies are ripping through Earth and dimensional planes.

Temporal energy ... time energy.

Well, for me and my Charlton Heroes theory, this completely fits. From the beginning I have been saying the 'Enforcer' for Leviathan, the bruiser in the Monarch looking armor, is Captain Atom.

And we know, from the past, that Captain Atom could manipulate quantum energy to jump through time.

Now I know that he couldn't control it ... at least not then. But with Kord tech and practice? Who knows.

So temporal energy is a big win for my main theory!

That said, also on my odds board is Hawk and Dove.

And let's face it, temporal energy and jumping dimensions is all that Extant did. Other clues point to this pair. So why not this too?

In fact, Extant being able to see in Hypertime and jump through dimensions explains all the multiple histories Leviathan seems to be privy too!

I have been floundering a bit with my picks, even posting odds.

But I am sticking with my guess of Ted Kord and the Charlton characters.

This time I'm right.

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