Monday, September 9, 2019

Review: Lois Lane #3

Lois Lane #3 came out last week and was another excellent chapter in this maxi-series. Writer Greg Rucka sort of pumps the brakes a little on plot progression, instead dwelling on character moments. Part of the beauty of this book is that we are really focusing in on Lois. Anything that makes her more three-dimensional, or gives us insight into her personality is great.

We also get a lot of Question moments in the book. Or moments with Questions. In particular, I loved Renee's reactions throughout the issue. She would be someone who could easily be written as a two-dimensional, hard and brusque. But again Rucka gives us a peek behind the curtain into who Montoya is as a whole person.

Mike Perkins continues to shine on art here. His ability to convey emotion with expressions and body language is pretty impressive. You know what these characters are thinking and feeling, his art complements the words so well. Add to that a martial arts fight in the middle which reminded me of Denys Cowan's work on the Question book in the 80s and you have a winner. That Cowan comparison is about as high a compliment I can give.

Throw in a funny cliffhanger and you have a solid read.

On to the book!

Last issue Mr. Agger was murdered in a restaurant. He was meeting with Lois to spill the beans on government kickbacks to detention centers. Was Aggers the intended victim? Or Lois? Or both.

As the police sweep the scene, Superman arrives, hovering over the street.

While it is dramatic, it clearly irks Lois. Especially when the crowd starts voicing all the 'affair' talk again.

But my favorite part of this is how starstruck Renee is. Our faceless fighter in the dark alleys is still wowed by Superman. I like that.

As Lois and Renee walk back to the hotel, Lois shouts at the sky about how angry she. They had no reason to show up. And they better come down and talk to her. Initially Renee is confused ... until Superman descends. That's who Lois was talking to.

Before the conversation can start, Lois asks Renee to stay. Superman asks her to go.

Again, I love this Renee response. It's awkward to be there. So she is out. I guess she is a little intimidated by Superman. This is the woman who wades into brawls without a second thought. This humanizes her. Fantastic.

Superman offers to fly Lois so they can talk in peace. But she knows that he knows that she loves flying. This is his way of trying to calm her down.

But she'll have no part of it. She is still angry.

For old timers, there was a little whiff of 'Can You Read My Mind' here. You can tell just how thrilling this is for Lois. Great art by Perkins.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, the two Questions run into each other and immediately begin fighting.

It is a sort of defensive brawl with most blows being blocked.

The art is just spectacular.Beautiful.

But when they realize they both are Questions, they decide to pause and unmask.

Remember, Renee took over the Question moniker when Vic Sage died. How has Vic returned? Who knows.

But this reunion, especially Renee's elated response was pitch perfect. I love that hug. Again, this gives us a little insight into Renee. She's not all grizzled pit warrior.

Finally we get to Lois' ire.

Superman showing up is a message to people that they shouldn't try to kill Lois or else.

And even if he did it to protect her, it was a step too far. Besides, she wanted him away so she could protect him. He is a target how as a philanderer. Showing up near Lois only strengthens that rumor.

Compare Lois confidence here compared to Renee's fangirl. Lois is amazing.

On the rooftop, Lois is practically glowing when she talks about the Agger attack.

There is a story there and she will get it. I mean, she is dancing. I love that satisfied look on her face in that first panel. This is what brings her joy.

Now if I think a little too hard, she just witnessed a guy get gunned down. So this prancing about uncovering the story of the guy killed in front of her might seem callous. But this is what drives her.

Again, Perkins just makes it all work. The art complements Rucka's word.

Superman promises to return to Lois in a bit. So when she enters her hotel room later and hears the shower running, she assumes it's Clark. Disrobing and slinking in, she discovers Jon!

Hoo boy!

So overall, we don't get much plot progress on the detention centers, the Russian murders, or other subplots. But this was a great issue to showcase both Lois and Renee. I love issues like this, really fleshing out our characters.

I can only hope sales continue to be good and we get an ongoing!

Overall grade: A-

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Martin Gray said...

I liked this a lot too, though there's too much Question for me. I'm not anti-Question - though not a big fan - but I'd rather see Renee and Vic off in a special of their own; it never struck me that there's much overlap between the Lois and the Question fanbase.

Overall, though, this series is keeping me happy and yes, terrifically funny ending.