Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Event Leviathan Clue Review: Supergirl #34

I know that the reveal of 'Who is Leviathan?' is going to happen as the cliffhanger of Event Leviathan #5.

That's only a couple of weeks away.

That also means I don't have much more time to show my insanity and review clues which may or may not be there.

As you know, I have a Leviathan Theory and I am sticking to it. And part of that theory is that we are dealing with some Watchmen overlay. And as such, I am always looking closely for such clues.

So let's look at Supergirl #34.

At The Block, Shay Gravitas  pings Eliza's robot hand as a way for Supergirl to track her adoptive mother.

When the signal comes in, we see a dot within a circle on a light blue field.

Hmmm ...

It isn't a single dot. It isn't a green field. It is a dot in a circle on a blue field. It can't be simple artistic choice.

In a story where (for me) Watchmen riffs point me to my primary suspect, I have to think of Dr. Manhattan.

It isn't a hard clue but it continues this feel and theme.

But some of you know that  I have decided that while I continue to think Leviathan is the Charlton heroes, the current leading suspect is Mark Shaw Manhunter.

We get a good luck at Leviathan's goons in this issue.

Their helmets have those sort of vented panels below they eyes. They wield truncheons.

Hmmm ...

Those vents are similar to the vents on the sides of Manhunter's helmet.

And of course he wielded a truncheon/staff.

I admit smart money is on Mark Shaw.

But I keep hoping that this time I'm right.

We'll find out soon enough.


SimB said...

Dear Dr Anj.
I honestly thought the field looked green.

What a fantastically funny way to find out I'm blue/green coloured blind!

I must say I'm going to disapointed if you aren't right this time!

Maybe I should start petitioning Mr Bendis to make it happen...

Anj said...

All right, maybe it's aqua.

Hee hee