Monday, September 16, 2019

Event Leviathan Clue Review: Millennium Legion of Super-Heroes #1

On Wednesday I do an in-depth of review the clues I found in Event Leviathan #4.

But over on the Comics Beat, blog friend Cori had the luck to interview Brian Michael Bendis about Event Leviathan. Here is a link to that post:

First off, I am, to use local parlance, wicked jealous.

Second, I was intrigued to learn that there was a clue hidden in the Kamandi pages of Millennium: Legion of Super-Heroes #1. I actually didn't mention those pages at all in my bullet review so shame on me.

So let's take a peek.

Kamandi is chasing Rose and Thorn when he stumbles across this building.

He seems surprised to see this here. So clearly it wasn't there before.

From what we have learned about Leviathan, they use temporal energies to kidnap/capture people. So maybe what is happening is that the Leviathan attacks are taking people not somewhere else but somewhen else.

Maybe Leviathan's headquarters is here in the Great Disaster time. Certainly the blue energy there seems to hint at that.

But this isn't a really a mystery.

Take a closer look at the lower panels where Rose has made it to that building and we see an interesting logo or symbol on the door.

That is the Leviathan symbol as seen now on the cover of Event Leviathan #4.

So now we have to added significant time displacement as a power of the Leviathan Organization.

Once more I think we are looking at Captain Atom or Hawk/Extant.

And given my Leviathan theory, I am going Captain Atom. Because this time, I'm right!

That said, the symbol looks an awful like the symbol on Mark Shaw's Manhunter tunic. So more likely I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

I only registered the blue light in the Kamandi segment after Bendis revealed in his recent interviews that there was a clue to be found in that story. I guess he's trying to seed more information - maybe not enough people are figuring it out.

I admit I can't make out a visual connection between the symbol on the door, and the thing Superman is smashing on the cover of Event Leviathan #4. But that door was certainly emphasized.


Martin Gray said...

I just love all the intrigue! I wonder if there are other clues we’ve missed. Event Leviathan has a mention in the first issue of the excellent Gotham City Monsters courtesy of writer Steve Orlando, but I think it’s just set-up for this strip.