Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Countdown #44 - Crisis On Infinite Earths #7 Moment

There are some times my life as a comic blogger takes me down odd rabbit holes.

First of all, I was shocked to discover that for some reason, I still have all 52 issues of Countdown in my collection. I thought for sure they were purged.

Then, as part of my #LeviathanTheory I decided to head into Countdown to look at Monarch. Just scanning covers, I decided to open up Countdown #44.

In the back of that issue (and in preceding issues) was a backup strip written and drawn by Dan Jurgens reviewing the multiverse.

This included a pretty detailed look back at all the prior JLA/JSA annual team-ups with flash back and homage panels done with usual Jurgens love.

But if this is a story reviewing the multiverse, it has to go to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Sure enough there are several pages recapping the Crisis story in a pithy way.

This includes this dramatic page retelling the events of Crisis #7, 8, and 10.

As someone who thinks I have covered every possible angle of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, I am amazed when I stumble across another mention or retelling of Supergirl's sacrifice.

And how great to see Jurgens' take on that famous scene.

I have said before that I have come to accept Supergirl's death as a huge moment in comics history which shows what a hero she is. I don't know if she needed to die. But the moment is tremendous.

But I am more amazed about the cosmic karma, the comic synchronicity that needed to happen for me to re-find this. Countdown is still in my collection!


Anonymous said...

I haven't read Countdown, but from what I've heard, I'm not feeling inclined to.

Maybe I would have been willing to accept her death if her existence hadn't been erased and banned short afterwards. Said retconning took her death's impact away.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, Countdown #32 features Supergirl and Cassie, underage and trying their hardest to get drinks at Black Canary's bachelorette party - or something like that. Wonder Woman lectures them; Zatanna turns their margaritas into ginger ale; then they get some of the real stuff and it makes them immediately sick. It was pretty funny.

On the cover - Stargirl and Supergirl pleading with a bouncer to get in, with a male stripper in view performing for the assembled crowd of costumed women. (He should be paying them!)

But I didn't read most of Countdown and couldn't tell you what it was about.


Gary said...

Thanks, Anj - I'll be adding that to my COIE #7 homage page shortly!