Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Mike Maihack Style

In what is becoming a very nice holiday tradition Mike Maihack has written another Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas comic.

This has been out for almost a week but I think it is deserving of being posted on this site on this day. It is amazing to me how Maihack is able to capture the spirit of these two characters in all of these strips whether it be Christmas themed or otherwise.

There is something over-the-top about his Supergirl. She has this infectious energy and always is willing to go that extra step to do what's right. Last year it was giving Killer Croc cookies and making him promise he wouldn't kill anyone.

Here it is decorating an entire forest of pine trees for Christmas! And I love the Christmas-themed costume, all white fur and candy cane leggings!

One of the ongoing gags is how Batgirl is trying to be all 'dark and moody' but vexed by Supergirl's optimism and joy. Two years ago, Supergirl made Batgirl a santa-style Bat-costume. This year she sleigh-ifies the Bat Cycle. Batgirl's exasperated expression in the last panel is the perfect contrast to Kara's wide smile.

I can't thank Maihack enough for making these strips and hope we keep getting them. This was a great gift for Supergirl fans!


Anonymous said...

I really love these. Poor sprout in panel 3 though.


Gear said...

I absolutely love Mike's Supergirl/Batgirl comics!

Oh yes, I think that poor sprout in the third panel is supposed to be the sad little Christmas tree from the first "Charlie Brown Christmas" Peanuts special.

Anonymous said...

Right you are Gear. There was such a tree.


Anj said...

Totally missed the Charlie Brown tree the first time I read this!

Makes it even more awesome!

Jay said...

The funny thing is from a writing standpoint I like Soule's work better than Bedard's. Swamp Thing, excellent. SM/WW, very good. 9 times out of ten a Soule pitch winning out over Bedard would suit me. Unfortunately this is that one out of 10 scenario.

GettinJiggly said...

I really enjoyed this as well. I featured it along with the Halloween one this year in my deviantArt Picks. I really enjoy his take on the characters, and honestly would love seeing this as something of a weekly strip.