Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Eve is often a time of self-reflection, a time to take stock of your life and resolve to change the things that you can.

In looking back at the last couple of months, it is clear that I have allowed pessimism to seep into this blog. 2013 wasn't exactly a banner year for the character. And a turn as a Red Lantern is just around the corner. It seems like such a wrong decision for the character that, in my vigilance to defend her, maybe I became filled with rage too.

So, for this blog, my New Year's Resolution is to go into the coming year of Supergirl stories with an open mind. I resolve to read these stories without expectations. I resolve to give this arc time to breathe to see if it is going in a direction that ends with a healthier Kara. And I will resolve to hold onto hope, to believe that all will be well.

That doesn't mean I won't read the books critically. It just means I will give the creators the benefit of the doubt. At least to start ...

Remember, this character has been down and out in the past, as recently as 2007.

As for DC Comics, I have a couple of suggestions for New Year's Resolution for the company.

1) Bring back some good old fashioned heroism and optimism into the DCU. Not everybody needs to be a jaded. Some people might be happy to help others. And some people might be happy to be helped.

2) Bring back a 'Young Justice' line of comics. Don't have the characters all be angsty teens. I don't need an art thief Wonder Girl. I don't need a despotic Superboy. I don't need a murdering Kid Flash. And I don't need a dark Legion. How about a comic with a teen, inspired to be a hero, and working hard to do what's right.

3) Make Superman super again. I can sense it in Superman Unchained and Action Comics. It would be great if Superman became the light again, the inspiration, the role model.

So time to put 2013 behind me. Hello 2014.

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Aleksi said...

Filled with rage is spot on of what I felt after reading that Supergirl would become a red lantern. However I remain hopeful that this year will be better than the last. The red daughter of krypton arc is three issues and ends in May. Fingers crossed the whole thing will be resolved in the last issue.

Also Justice League United starts in April and features Supergirl.