Monday, December 9, 2013

Supergirl In Scribblenauts

So there I was Saturday morning, watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with the supergirls at home.

During the show (an interesting riff on Indiana Jones, complete with a Belloq pony), a commercial for the new DC Comics Scribblenauts Unmasked video game was aired.

Now I have seen still shots of the game and heard about the upcoming variants. But now I would get to see some actual game play footage.

Well one of the longer scenes on the commercial is the super-team flying around Metropolis and fighting Lex Luthor.

Here we see Superman, Steel, and ... Supergirl!!

Here is a close-up of Supergirl from the game, wearing the New 52 uniform!

Even the haircut looks more in line with the New 52 Kara.

I suppose I should be happy that there is some consistency between the merchandise and the comics.

Later we see them fighting Lex around the Daily Planet globe. Lex even has Jimmy Olsen as a hostage!

The play itself looks fun. Apparently you can simple type in a box what you want and if the game recognizes the word, the item appears. We see Batman summon the Batmobile like that earlier in the ad.

The ad closes with a rapid fire pan shot through the myriad of DC characters available in the game. If you are looking for your favorite character you might need to watch it in slow motion.

At last we have a great shot of Supergirl (standing behind Zenturion?? A little known character from Grant Morrison's first JLA run?). This is definitely our New 52 Supergirl, right down to the knee-less boots.

Anyways, any time I see Supergirl prominently displayed in a 'mainstream' product, I have to trumpet it. DC could have put Superboy in that scene above or Wonder Woman or Firestorm. But it was Supergirl who was chosen!

Is anyone going to get this game?


Saranga said...

Is Wondy in it at all?

Anj said...

I am sure she is.

I'll try to slow-mo watch the commercial again and see if I can get a pic.

AndNowInStereo said...

Her in-game model is based on how she actually looks in the comics? Good! Here's to consistency!

I think nearly every DC character you can imagine is in this game. I know Cassandra Cain (as Batgirl and Black Bat) and Stephanie Brown (as Spoiler, Robin AND Batgirl) are in in it.

GettinJiggly said...

I was almost tempted to by the 3ds just to get this game looks fun. It's nice to see them all smaller know characters instead of just the big 3.

Chris Barnes said...

It's actually been out for a while, I have it and it's quite a bit of fun. The answer to all the "Is _____ in it?" Is, YES. Everyone from DC EVER pretty much is in the game.

Starsaber said...

From what I saw on a couple Youtube videos, there are multiple versions of most if not all of the characters involved. I wouldn't be surprised if at least 5 versions of Supergirl are in it.

Anonymous said...

If you check out this video there appears to be three "Supergirls"... unless I missed any?

12:01 Supergirl

9:24 Kara Zor-L

10:55 Power Girl

Anj said...

Thanks for all the posts and the links!

There are a ton of DC characters you can play. I saw Space Cabbie!

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are many missing DC characters, including iconic members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. I was disappointed that while Superman gets lots of different versions of himself, there's only one "Supergirl." Users have had to make other versions. With that being said, Kara as Classic and Original New 52 Power Girl is there, and Molly Mae/ Twilight is there.

What's sad is that the New 52 is being marketed to kids now, in toys and games like this, and yet the DC Universe as it is is no place for kids. Even Target altered Supergirl's outfit for their gender enforced "Girl" Justice League line - her super diaper became a one piece blue leotard with the "belt" kept intact.

Anyway, it is cool that Kara is in a commercial again.