Thursday, December 19, 2013

March 2014 Solicits

The DC Comics solicits for March 2014 came out last week and just when I thought things couldn't look bleaker for Supergirl, DC makes them look bleaker. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised any more. But this is beyond terrible on the surface. The entire DC solicits are available on CBR but here are the solicits that caught my eye, both for good and bad.

Written by TONY BEDARD

She’s done with people pushing her around, taking advantage of her and betraying her. She’s done feeling helpless, lost and discarded. She’s done with hope, faith and acceptance. Now, all that’s left is rage. And she’ll burn the universe down before she lets another person tell her who she should be. Supergirl’s journey as a Red Lantern continues here in “Red Daughter of Krypton.”

Remember when this was first solicited and I was all concerned about a rabid Supergirl vomiting blood? And then the DC publicity machine churned up about how this isn't some random decision to be cool. That this was a calculated change in the character to bring her around? Remember when Tony Bedard said he wanted a likable heroic Supergirl that he was hoping to rehabilitate? I actually was close to being optimistic ... wondering if this was the beginning of a redemption tale.

And then I see this solicit. A rabid Supergirl vomiting a massive stream of blood onto her one friend in the DCnU. The description of her being done with 'hope, faith, and acceptance'. She wants to burn the universe.

After seeing this I actually wondered if it would be better to NOT have a Supergirl book than to see her turned into this. That's right, a huge Supergirl fan wondering if comics would be better without a Supergirl comic. That's tragic.


The Reds have found their newest recruit: Supergirl! Guy Gardner is hardly equipped to handle a teenaged Kryptonian Red Lantern, so he heads for Earth and hand her off to her cousin, Superman! But Superman is…unimpressed by Guy’s leadership skills – or lack thereof…

Remember back in 2010 when Supergirl was thriving in her own book and being the legacy muscle in the JLA? I called it the 'golden age' of Supergirl fandom.

Now in 2013, she is again starring in 2 titles.

As a Red Lantern, she is now starring in that title. Read this 'delightful' solicit. Kara is so out of control that even Guy Garnder can't handle her. Doesn't that make you think she is going to be absolutely awful as a character, unhinged, overly emotional, and bratty?

And why would Superman step in now when he has ignored Kara throughout her stay on Earth?

And let's really make Supergirl fans upset by having her destroy the S-shield?

Why does DC think this is a good way to go with the character ... unless there is an endpoint where she heals and rejects this path? But how long will we have to deal with this?

Written by GREG PAK
Art and cover by AARON KUDER

Superman must protect the sub-terrans from Ghost Soldier and the U.S. Armed Forces! Is he about to become Public Enemy #1?

At least I have Action Comics by Pak and Kuder. There is a sort of fun feel to this book so far, a great mix of action, characterization, and some sly humor.

Looks like Superman is caught between a rock and a hard place here.

Art and cover by ED BENES

Superman and Starfire must deal with a cache of deadly alien weapons – and its horrifying impact on the innocents who find them! But first, these two heroes will have to stop fighting each other before someone ends up dead!

Then there is the Scott Lobdell Superman book, which bears no resemblance to Action Comics or Superman Unchained.

As if needing to prove that it is the 'grittier' Superman book, we of course need to have Superman fighting another super-hero. That's consistent with the tone of this book. At least he seems to be protecting a child on this cover. But that means Starfire is willing to endanger the kid.

Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Backup story art by DUSTIN NGUYEN

It’s all going to hell as cosmic-level war breaks out! The full truth of who — or what — Wraith is finally comes to light!

I don't know if this is a realistic release date as we haven't seen number 5. The book would need to stay on time. Hopefully it will.

Last chance for Wraith origin guesses. I am still going with Daxamite. If it is another Kryptonian (or worse a Superman from another dimension) I won't be happy.

So far I have really enjoyed this book.

Written by GREG PAK
Art and cover by JAE LEE

“First Contact” continues from last month’s explosive WORLD’S FINEST #20 as Batman, Superman, Huntress and Power Girl battle a massive new threat to the DC Universe! As Kaizan Gamorra unleashes the means to take down Superman, an unbelievable discovery is made that will have major repercussions in 2014!

I am really interested in seeing this First Contact storyline. I am hoping that it will inject some energy and purpose into the Worlds' Finest book which has seemed on auto-pilot for some time.

We have seen Jae Lee's look at Earth 2 in the first arc in this book so I can't wait to see him handle these characters again. His art is so wild. I feel like I am reading a dream.

Written by JIM KRUEGER
Art and cover by NEIL EDWARDS and SCOTT HANNA

After learning about the Last Son of Krypton, a troubled alien travels from a distant galaxy to meet Superman…and to confess the horrible secret that he was Krypton’s Green Lantern.

Has this story ever been done before? Wasn't Tomar Re the GL of the Krypton sector?

This book for the most part has been another win. So I look forward to this story.

Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

In this final miniseries issue, Lex Luthor needs help, and there’s only one man for the job. And that man is…Otis? Meanwhile, Clark finally makes contact with S.T.A.R. Labs, and Emil has some information that may make the fight against the Monitor survivable.

That looks like an Earth 2 Batman being slugged on this cover. And an Earth being split in two as well. Let's face it, the Crisis is upon us. I love this series.

Don't kill Supergirl!!!

Art and cover by TONY S. DANIEL and BATT

When the Phantom Zone is breached by Zod, Superman and Wonder Woman are forced to do the unthinkable to stop the tyrant from global destruction. But can they do what must be done – and will the world forgive them?

What do you think the 'unthinkable' is? Wonder Woman killing the Zone criminals? Sending the criminals AND a chunk of Earth into the Zone? Superman killing Zod while he takes down a train station?

I guess the bigger questions is: Will this be the last issue I buy of this series?

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

The “First Contact” crossover with BATMAN/SUPERMAN reaches its conclusion as Kaizan Gamorra unleashes a plot to depower Power Girl and unlock the secrets of Superman of Earth 2!

I talked about this issue above. But this looks like a big deal. A boom tube back 'home'. The evil Superman waiting. Kara's mentor, now twisted, waiting for them.

Now this would be a huge shake-up for this book which I think it needs.

Still, despite some of the better issues solicited, I am still stuck with an out of control, raging Supergirl vomiting blood. That isn't good news.


Count Drunkula said...

Yeah, Tomar-re was the Green Lantern of Krypton's sector (2813).

The presence of Kaizen Gamorra in the Batman/Superman + World's Finest crossover is a little confusing. Is this book still taking place in the past or in the present now? Kaizen appeared to be killed in the pages of TEAM 7, but he's come back in BIRDS OF PREY, with his body/spirit being psionically merged with a former member of the team (yeah, it's stupid).

I hope this crossover is the means to get Power Girl and Huntress back to Earth 2, where they can be useful instead of lurking on the fringes of a world that already has characters like them.

Gear said...

Other than "yet more unaccountably angry Kara" I can only think that her rejection of the shield might have something to do with somehow finding out the truth about Zor-El and Cyborg Superman. The uniform was her final gift from Zor, maybe that 's what she's rejecting. At least I hope that's the case and not more of the "hysterical female" sexist tropes we've been seeing.

Anonymous said...

Oh and if it's hysterical female tropes you want, check out the last two pages of this month's isse...revolting as well.

The sun is setting on me and this book, its sad but I feel soiled when I read I'm enabling a friend's destructive alcoholism.


Gear said...

I did, don't agree. Actually having a conscience is something Kara has lacked the last year, nor did she start the fight. She certainly finished it though, and regretted taking it too far. She's not the Hulk, she's just a kid. I was just fine with it.

AndNowInStereo said...

I agree with Gear. I was fine with those pages and I liked the issue.

Also, this is relevant, Rob Venditti and Charles Soule are talking about the flipbook again and finally discuss Kara:

mhunt said...

you're not alone.. I'm as big of a Supergirl fan as you and I'm not reading her book anymore.. I feel as alienate from the character as in teh 'Matrix' time, who I used to call 'fake supergirl' or 'supergirl copyright holder'

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I guess we have to wait and see about all this stuff. I do feel sad about the direction of this book (although I don't feel quite as harsh about the last pages of this months issue - review up tomorrow).

Thanks for the article link. I will probably post my thoughts on it somewhere along the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anj,

I know you have you have previously said that you will not reviewing the Superboy book. However, it looks from discussion that I read that were some retcons made in the issue 26. Basically Jon now has "multiple mother donors, all meta" and that in the future Kon was instrumental in creation of the Legion of Superheroes. Does this mean that there is a possibility for Kon to come back, and we are able to get our superboy back

Anonymous said...

It would make a little bit more sense if it was finding out about her Dad that drives Kara over the edge into becoming a Red Lantern.

Also, perhaps when a sane editorial team finally wrestles narrative control of the book from the current lunatics, the whole vaporization deal could be used to explain her going off the rails via "coming back wrong" in one sense or another.

Going back to how things are right now, this is getting to the point where it's not just Kara that's being character assassinated, it's all of the DC heroes, especially Superman. There's no reality where Kal would leave Kara in her current position and just let her slide into Red Lantern territory. Heck, even Bruce should be reacting at this point simply because of how dangerous an irrational Kara could be to Earth. The Red Lantern issue you've mentioned above had better be written at an absolutely amazing level of quality to prevent Superman appearing either uncaring or downright incompetent.

AndNowInStereo said...

Re: Anon

I share your concern about that, but it's clear that that's already the case. For all Loeb's faults when he wrote the post-Crisis Supergirl origin story in 2004, making Superman overjoyed to have Kara to the extent of being a little reckless, Batman cautious and mistrusting and Wonder Woman the decisive one to take charge and take responsibility for training the most powerful teenager on Earth made a whole lot of sense. The entire Trinity cared about her, and she ended up close to all three.

Now, we have a Superman who's ignoring his cousin, a Batman who should be considering all the possible dangers Supergirl could pose but seeming not to care, and a Wonder Woman - who has both met and fought Supergirl in the New52 - seemingly uncaring about not only one of the most powerful women in the world, but her boyfriend's only family when her own family isn't exactly a bed of roses from what I've gathered (I don't read Wonder Woman). This is what I get out of what we've been presented, anyway. And I don't get it. Yeah, they're all busy people, but the events of the current books outside of the Justice League and Dark titles are all pre-Trinity War/Forever Evil and Clark and Diana have enough time on their hands for a bit of dating, nookie and Christmas shopping, so I do have to wonder about their priorities.

Also re: "Coming back wrong" (I see you're a Buffy fan, me too) I'd rather they didn't have to do that. I want an end to ass-pulls in this book. If they're doing this, I want it to be for a reason.

Anj said...

Thanks for continued comments.

Anon and Thomas, I have never understood how Superman could, with a clear conscience, let his cousin simply go off on her own.

Even if he didn't want to train her with her powers or deal with adventuring, this is the only other surviving Kryptonian and it's family. Why wouldn't he continue to reach out to her?? It makes no sense for him to say 'go find yourself'.

And if you are Kara, missing home and family, why not reach out to him as well.

As for the rest of the Trinity, it is true that their turning a blind eye to her makes little sense as well, even if it was a wary luck from Batman.

People complain that Superman shoving the Silver Age Supergirl in an orphanage was awful. This seems even worse - completely ignoring her.

It does go back to 'new 52' logic - that Superman feels incapable of being a mentor because he isn't sure who he is himself. That whole last sentence makes no sense at all.

Martin Gray said...

Oh dear, another month in the angry DC Nu-niverse. It's all a bit sickening, the hatred and misery.

Hey, maybe the execrable-sounding Red Lanterns business is just an excuse for Kara to get a new costume? We should be so lucky.

What the heck is going on with Supeman'a leg on that Smallville cover?

Dennis J Miller said...

I've been a huge Supergirl fan since I was 4 years old in 1974, and while this storyline makes me a little uncomfortable, we all know its not a permanent change, its not the first time, nor the last time DC has thrown a curve ball at Supergirl fans, just be happy the character is still around, and just wait and see, why so negative?

Anj said...


You aren't the first to tell me that I should be happy that Supergirl has a book.

I don't think that I am asking for Supergirl to both have a book and have it be good.

But it an interesting enough topic that I will definitely have to do separate post it seems.

Anonymous said...

Reading your comments pre-Red Daughter of Krypton is ironic given how much you liked that story.