Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Early Christmas: Super Best Friends Forever Supergirl

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Lauren Faust Super Best Friends Forever DC Collectible figurines came out this week. That makes it an early Christmas gift for myself as well as leaves me plenty of time to wrap up the ones the Supergirls at home wanted (oldest wanted Supergirl too, younger two both wanted Batgirl).

This is one of those fun collectibles, a statue and a small treasure box at the same time. It also came with three faces which can be put on the body so you can mix things up as much as you want. I opted for the more fierce looking expression because that embodied what this Supergirl was in the show.

And, of course, this is as close to the Matrix Costume as you can get complete with red skirt and pointy belt. That is my favorite costume.

Here is the figure from the back, nice solid construction with a nice cape.

I keep waiting to hear that Faust is going to be back to make more of these episodes. This was 5 shorts, around 3 minutes each, last seen new a year ago. And yet we have fan clamor for more and merchandise being produced.

Come DC Entertainment! Do the right thing!

This is a very nice addition to the shrine and a nice early holiday gift to keep me going!


AndNowInStereo said...

I love those cartoons and this figure is really cool. I don't know how I didn't notice before that she has Superman's kiss curl! I'm a big fan of Faust's designs and I think she did great with Kara, Babs and Donna.

Anonymous said...

The figure is a little trimmer than the cartoon's version of SG...but it's all good.


valerie21601 said...

OOOHHH!! I'm so jealous of your girls. Your a wonderful dad.

I love SBFF too.

Gene said...

Looks great! Hope we get more SBFF cartoons soon.

Anj said...

Thanks for the posts.

I love this thing!!

mhunt said...

.. I don't think you were that good.. now.. send her to me!