Monday, December 30, 2013

A Glimpse At The Future

I will admit that I haven't been scanning the internet closely over the last week as big holidays and a little work down time were the perfect recipe for me. Time was spent with immediate and more distant family and overall I was able to decompress.

Still, while on Twitter the other night I saw this link by Supergirl artist Yildiray Cinar:

One thing I love about Supergirl is her righteous fury, her fierceness that comes out when she sees injustice, when she defends those who need defending. And this certainly could be one of those times.

The art is beautiful.  But the subtlety of Cinar's art in comparison to Perez's. Look at the current Supergirl, face cloaked in shadow except for the visible grit teeth, evocative of 90's Image books; it makes me think this isn't righteous fury. This is rage. I suppose with Red Lanterns around the corner that makes sense. Maybe this is simply an early glimpse into what 2014 has in store for Supergirl.

Still holding on to hope.


elknight20 said...

Thanks for the update, Anj!

Anonymous said...

"Still holding on to hope." Me too.

Reading CoIE #7 makes you realize how much pre-Crisis Kara was about hope, her dialog was filled with it.

If she could maintain I guess we can as well.

Anonymous said...

Me I've pretty much given up...I think we are going to see some very hard times for Kara come 2014.

Sorry wish I could gin up some optimism but I cannot.