Saturday, December 21, 2013

Supergirl Bits Of News

Just a couple of news stories which tangentially touch upon Supergirl which I thought were worth briefly reviewing.

I was very happy to see that DC Entertainment bought the pages of Al Plastino's 'Superman's Mission for President Kennedy' and donated them to the JFK museum. Here is the official press release:

I talked about Plastino last month and how saddened he was to discover the pages were in the hand of a private collector. I am glad his wish of having them housed in the museum has happened.

Long time super-editor Wil Moss, who edited Supergirl during the Sterling Gates era and beyond has left DC to head to Marvel. Here is a link to Bleeding Cool:

Much of the last couple of years has been fans grousing over DC comics suffering from editorial control, not allowing creators to achieve their stories and last minute plot rewrites happening. I am sad to see Moss, who helmed some great books, moving away from DC.

Over on Twitter, Sterling Gates applauded Moss and I echo it.

I miss those times on Supergirl.

Finally, Bleeding Cool announced some of the upcoming creators on the Adventures of Superman book. Here is the link:

Now there are some names I am happy to see there. Ron Marz. Fabian Nicieza, Jock. Love those creators.

But Max Landis!

DC shouldn't let him within a sniff of their characters. Now I ranted about Landis before when reviewing his story in Action Comics Annual #1. Maybe I ranted too much on rereading. I didn't hide my thoughts about Landis at all. But the bottom line is someone who has made a name for himself by insulting Superman shouldn't be allowed to write him.

Maybe I'll skip that issue.


elknight20 said...

Glad to hear about Al's wish being fullfilled.

Awwww... I saw Sterling comment on Wil Moss!

He sounds like a great guy.

DC's loss is Marvel's gain.

I've got a bad feeling about Landis on AOS, as well.

The others on that roster sound great, though!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, he's generally spoken very highly of Superman as one of his favorite characters since that video, just having worded his opening very, very badly (he claims he meant most don't care, and many of those that do still misunderstand him). Certainly not arguing he comes off all that well most of the time, but worth noting regardless.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

I am glad to see Plastino's wishes fulfilled.

Like you ealperin, I have concerns about Landis but think the rest of the lineup is great.

I will need to do some digging to hear him discuss Superman differently Anon. While it was clear in that initial video that he was passionate about Superman, it was the way he trashed the story and disparaged the creators of Reign of Superman that got under my skin.

If I ignore the good parts of Chronicle, I could write a scathing review of his movie and him. But that seems wrong.

I will seek out other videos from him since I haven't come across others outside that first one.

Anonymous said...

seems like the dude is extremely passionate about and deeply loves Superman but in a very cynical, personal way.

always liked Landis and like that he's an uncensored voice. feels realer than anyone else at his level, despite being intense.

elknight20 said...

Thanks, Anj!