Thursday, December 5, 2013

Early Christmas Gift: Boston Comic-Con 2014 News

I consider myself lucky that over the course of the last several years, my backyard comic convention The Boston Comic Con has grown exponentially. What once was a cramped little convention in the basement of an old insurance building with a handful of guests has now bulged to a massive, thriving con with scores of guests. This is my favorite convention as it is 99% comic based and I have met several of my favorite all-time creators there.

Well, Christmas came early for me when the convention began leaking news and guests recently. (Feel free to insert whatever holiday came early/on time for you!) Here is the link for the con coming up next August 8-10:

Last year the convention moved to the Boston Seaport Center, a huge venue which is right off the highway and has plentiful parking. So I was happy to see that the con will remain there next year.

The first big news is that the con has now been stretched out to three days! There will be a Friday added to the schedule. Count on me to be there all three days. I do wonder if maybe this is the year I cart the super-girls at home with me.

And then, the early guest list! Already I can tell that I am going to be busy running down some creators to char and hopefully grab commissions. I do love that the convention is now inviting writers as well. Last year it was Scott Snyder. This year it's Gail Simone. And I am sure this is just the beginning.

Already there are folks who I would love to get a commission from. Will they be doing commissions? Can I afford them? Will they cancel between now and then? I have 8 months to stew.

Amanda Conner will be there and I have wanted to get a commission from her forever. The last con I was at she wasn't sketching at all but I'd take even a quick sketch.

She is sort of a bucket-list commission for me. I worry she won't be sketching.

Rafael Albuquerque is going to be there as well. I love his style and thought his Supergirl in this issue was fantastic. I have hoped he would be at a convention I would be attending at some point. A panel from this comic (not the one above) was my favorite panel of 2009!

I worry that he won't be sketching or (if he is) that I won't be able to afford him.

And then Cat Staggs is going to be at the con!

I love Staggs' covers for Smallville. They complement that book so well. And she designed this great 'duster jacket' costume for Kara in that book. Should I get a 'classic Supergirl' Matrix style costume from Staggs? Or her costume design?

I really hope Staggs will be sketching at the show.

So here we are 8+ months before the con and already my mind is racing!

Happy holidays!


Martin Gray said...

Good luck. Albuquerque was at Thought Bubble in Leeds last weekend and didn't seem to be sketching at all. My mate Robert was hoping to pay for a sketch but he said he was only doing commissions, and selling original art (expensive) and prints (Calvin &. Hobbes, weirdly). There's more about that at Robert's blog, A Bit Too Old For Comics.

Anj said...

I wondered if that might be the case with him. Still, it will be cool to meet him as I have always loved his art.

elknight20 said...

A Matrix-style commission from Cat would be interesting to see! I met her at NYCC, TWICE!

She's an ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART, as well as Amanda!

Didn't get to meet Amanda at the first time, there, but, I managed to get her to autograph a few things for me the second time I went!