Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

This has been floating around the internet for the last week but I thought I would save it as a last second Christmas Card for Supergirl fans.

Mike Maihack, of Cleopatra in Space fame, lit up the internet last year with several Supergirl/Batgirl comics, all of which were reviewed here.  After taking a break, he has done another, a Christmas strip with Kara and Babs. Above is the comic and here is the link on Maihack's blog:

As is typical with Maihack's Supergirl/Batgirl strips, it is absolutely wonderful. It is sweet and funny.

I love here how Batgirl remains all business even in the holiday season as she tries to defeat Killer Croc.

And I love Supergirl's sweetness, being part of a Christmas Cookie Exchange, even with the villain Croc. And when Batgirl doesn't join in, Supergirl denies her the bat-shaped chocolate chip cookies.

How fantastic is it that Supergirl is able to convince Croc to be good for a day just through cookies and a smile. A sunny  Supergirl who believes in the best in people is my kind of Supergirl. Wonderful.

I hope you and yours are having a great holiday season! And Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating today!


Argocub! said...

Merry Xmas! ;-)

Martin Gray said...

Very sweet! Happy Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

All my love........... “always"!
Kara Zor-el :-)