Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mahmud Asrar On Ultimate Xmen! Not Off Supergirl !!

Word came out on Comic Book Resources that Mahmud Asrar has been named the artist on Ultimate Xmen, a book written by Brian Wood. Here is the link:

And here is a Asrar page from the book, an exclusive from CBR so please visit the link. The initial news sent a shudder through the Supergirl fandom.

Asrar had been promising a big announcement on his Twitter feed for a while and before I knew it was this Ultimate Xmen job, I asked if it was leaving Supergirl and he said no.

And if that wasn't enough reassuring enough ...

After the announcment, Asrar said on his DeviantArt page that he remains on Supergirl despite this new gig. Here is that link:

And even more tweets confirming he is going nowhere.

Let's face it, Asrar's art is one of the draws of Supergirl. I have come to really appreciate his art. It is big and loud when it needs to be. Or it is nuanced and subtle, a blush of the cheek when needed, that speaks volumes elegantly. So I am thrilled that he is remaining on the book, somehow doing 2 monthlies!

I am also find it ironic that Brian Wood almost got the Supergirl gig and that he is working with Asrar now. I am a big fan of Wood's work. I have never read an Ultimate book. But two of my current favorite creators are now on the same book? I guess there is always a first!

Anyways, let's all breathe a sigh of relief that Asrar is sticking with Kara!


Diabolu Frank said...

I was looking forward Asrar drawing the Atom, based on his Dynamo-5 work, only for him to overbook himself and turn in uninspired work. Hope he keeps his balance here. If not, what's Yildiray Cinar doing these days?

Anonymous said...

Ah but any company that would fire Gail Simone via email, deserves their sorry fate...
So much for our dreamy dream that Gail would one day inherit the mantle of Supergirl's scribe, once the proud sinecure of Steve Skeates, Sterling Gates and Paul Kupperberg.


Martin Gray said...

Excellent news, good on Mahmud!