Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Supergirl Shrine

With the addition of the recent DCnU Supergirl bust, I thought it was time to post my Supergirl collection again. I try to organize the shelves by themes if possible but some things end up looking a bit out of place.

Shelf 1 (as I call it) is where my Silver Age Supergirl and 70s hot pants Supergirl merchandise end up. So we have the DC Dynamic statue, the DC Action 252 cover statue, the Silver Age action figure with Streaky, and a mini-mate. Also on that side is the Adam Hughes bust.

On the right is the hot pants stuff: the Justice action figure, the Pepsi drinking glass, the current toon tumbler.

The Terry Dodson bust is on this shelf for no apparent reason. The red dress isn't part of the typical 'belly shirt' uniform so it isn't part of that shelf.

And don't ask me why the Lantern Corps or Legion ring is here. But they are.

Shelf 2 is the 'white shirt' shelf, the head band shelf,  as well as 'oddities'.

So the left side has a number of items based on the Timm-verse Kara including the large statue in the back and the plush Supergirl. There are a couple of action figures more based on the comic version of that costume as well.

Behind them is a vinyl statue which is I am relatively embarrassed to have in the collection. Bought on a whim it is a mostly undressed coy Supergirl. When I saw it on display in Howard Wolowitz' room on Big Bang Theory I knew I had done something wrong.

In the middle, anchoring the shelf, is the new bust.

And to the left are some of the head band items including the Crisis action figure and a diecast Ertl figure.

Also on the shelf is the Elseworlds Finest Supergirl, the Kara as Flamebird, and Superwoman figures.

The last shelf is the most cluttered and could probably use some rearranging.

It has the large doll from a couple of years ago as well as a Supergirl Barbie given to me at Christmas a couple of years ago. It has the Adam Hughes full statue, the Superman/Batman Apocalypse maquette, the mini Michael Turner statue, the Supergirl piece of the Superman Family statue, a mini statue of the Earth Angel Supergirl, as well as the Amanda Conner bust.

On top of that are the belly shirt action figures based on Turner and McGuinness, some other belly shirt figures, a bobblehead, a Micro-Man figure from Japan, Polly Pocket, another mini-mate, and the recent Hot Wheels car.

So that's the collection. I don't know of anything else being released soon but I am sure something will be coming out.


Unknown said...

Awesome! No shame in your collection!

Anonymous said...

You're missing Mattel's DCU/MOTU Supergirl Vs. She-Ra 2-Pack!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome collection I have a Supergirl crisis figure and Supergirl Lego mini figure and also the fantastic Supergirl movie starring Helen slater... DC fan forever..