Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Man Of Steel Movie Poster

I have stayed away from discussing the Superman movie, Man of Steel, on this site. With snippets and rumors and it being months away, it seemed like one step too far from the focus of this site.

But the marketing of this movie intrigues me as it shows that all facets of Warner Brothers don't seem to know what to do with Superman.

Our first glimpse of this movie was a nondescript trailer which looked like it was for The Perfect Storm 2. A wheat field, a fishing boat, a dramatic monologue, and a streak of smoke in the sky. How is that supposed to excite me for a Superman movie.

Now we see the first teaser poster for the movie, Superman in handcuffs, flanked by the army, doing the perp walk.

Is this really the first image Warner Brothers wants to represent the movie. Not a dramatic pose. Not an iconic pose. Not a heroic pose.


Superman in handcuffs surrounded by the army.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. After all, over the last decade in comics, it has become omnipresent, Superman feared and attacked by the military. It shows how cynical and distrustful we have become that even our fictional heroes can't be embraced as heroes.

Now who knows how this plays out in the movie. I assume Superman is going willingly. Maybe he introduces himself to the world this way, being brought before some 'leaders' and telling them he is here to help. And maybe part of the movie is that in the end Superman wins over even these cynical leaders whose first thought is to imprison him. If that is true, hurray!

But I fear we are in for a 'dark' version of Superman. If Warner Brothers felt this was an appropriate opening poster, they must like the message it sends.

I'll remain hopeful. I'll see the movie. And I'll review it here.


snell said...

I'm betting that the army has taken Superman prisoner at Zod's command, lest he destroy the world or something. And Superman goes along with it, because he's not going to fight the army...

Anj said...

Thanks for the comment (and love your blog).

Interesting thought about Zod being involved with this.

valerie21601 said...

I read some of Goyer's interviews the director and him wants to go down the "realistic" approach to Superman. Show what it really would be like to be Superman in the "real" world and how the world would react to him.

I truly hope it's not going down that path.

I would LOVE to see another super hero movie on the level of the Avengers movie. It is a movie that shows a superhero movie can be a great drama and a kick ass movie in one without sacrificing the other. And rake in HUGE mega-bucks.

I love how Avengers movie have the characters go through the wringers, their characters grow, and has a positive look forward to the future of it. Where people are embrace the heroes with admiration, with men, women and children looking up and wanting to emulate them.

One would think the people in charge of producing Superman would want to study and copy, to a degree, what made the Avengers a mega-bucks movie.

Did you enjoy the Avengers movie, Anj?

Perhaps you could consider doing a review about what and why it was a hit with people and the messages contained in it. Where DC and Warner Brother could learn a thing or two on the super hero genre when its done right.

Kim said...

I think you're being a bit pessimistic. This poster says to me that the military, and maybe the world, is suspicious of this new ""superman" figure. But the way he stands there, the look on his face... I see it as confidence, he *knows* he's good, and he *knows* he will show the world that is.
I hope that is the movie we get; Superman showing himself to the world. Suspicion at first, because he's so powerful. But at the end of the movie, the world has embraced him. He is a hero. He is Superman.

Anj said...

Thanks for the posts.

I did like Avengers Valerie. I thought it was fun with heroes who basically wanted to be heroes.

And I agree with you Kim. I think that is exactly what is happening. I just question if this was the best FIRST image to release.

Anyways, the new trailer looks good. I remain hopeful!

Kim said...

"I just question if this was the best FIRST image to release."

Remember, we're talking Superman here, not Batman or Spiderman or some other B-list hero, who the public at large don't really know much about. Everybody, and I mean *everybody*, who sees this will know that Superman = always good (except Scott Lobdell). The intent is, I think, to create some mystery. Why is the military hauling him away? And with that look on his face... Clearly some conspiracy or something, what's going on here???

Anonymous said...

Well, it's hinted by the trailer that he actually turns himself in, so it may not be so bad.

Anonymous said...

I caught the trailer today and it doesn't look like they are pushing the dark superman. If anything the whole thing has the vibe of 'Superman Begins' which if its as good as Batman Begins...I think it could be a great movie.

Plus if we think about if a superhuman showed up as powerful as Superman the whole world would freak and the military would want to know if he's a threat. I hope for the film that while at first mistrustful, Superman wins the trust of the people and military.

But who knows, we'll just have to see.

Martin Gray said...

Just in case you don't have a chance to talk about the new trailer, Anj, may I just say here that any hope I had of enjoying this film vanished the second they had Pa Kent say a single word:


Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Mart, I think they cut the line short. I bet it is a classic Pa teaching moment. 'Maybe ... (dramatic pause) but what would that say about who we are? We need to help people Clark. Just in a different way.'

Anonymous said...

I'd check out the new trailer released today. This is not going to be a dark film.

As for Jonathan's line, hard to judge an incomplete scene. Likely its just Jonathan's fear of Clark being found out and taken from them that causes him to say what he says. The context completely changes if, for example, the scene continues with Clark saying "You don't mean that", and Jonathan replying with a sigh "No, I don't."

topSpot | Find your top spot here said...

Sounds brilliant, like a new take on the character of Superman that i’ve wanted to see for a while. I hope these clips of footage are as good as this man makes the out to be, i haven’t seen any Snyder films maybe i will because if anything they do sound like a great time so maybe i’ll give 300 a shot, but in the trailers i feel that a lot of the shots are easily made out to be CGI or something like that but maybe in this film he’ll challenge himself and his crew by stepping things up a notch and making them look more realistic.

Can’t wait for Man of Steel sounds like its going to be great.. :D