Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Super Best Friends ... Forever?

One of the true pleasure of this last year were the DC Nation shorts that accompanied the Green Lantern/Young Justice block on Cartoon Network.

And one of (if not the) best short series was Lauren Faust's Super Best Friends Forever. The five shorts were so wonderful. It was a perfect mix of silliness and action. Each of the characters had a distinct personality. There was a short that showcased each of them and a couple to show the team dynamic. And there was a lot of laugh out loud moments. That can't be easy to do in 1 1/4 minute piece.

Yet, creator/producer Lauren Faust pulled it off. In particular, this quick-tempered mischievous Supergirl was a joy to behold.

With a new season coming up, Faust tweeted that she had been missing the Suh-buffs (as well as posting this pic).

Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass asked the obvious follow-up question. How many new shorts will we be seeing in the new season?

Faust unfortunately said that there will be no new shorts.

In a subsequent tweet, Faust said that she wasn't available to do more when the time came for shorts to be produced. I can (hopefully) infer from that tweet that DC and WB wanted more but Faust couldn't make them. That would be more palatable than simple rejection as it would mean the WB recognized the quality of the shorts and hoped to have further SBFF shorts.

I hope that the bloom doesn't fall off the rose of SBFF and we will see more in the future. If not, this was a brilliant if short-lived short series. It would be a shame if it stopped here.


Gernot said...

Heck! I'M hoping the whole block can come back eventually. I'll be VERY disappointed if both Green Lantern and Young Justice disappear from the airwaves, as well as SBFF.

Those WERE the highlights of each show they appeared during. :)

Gene said...

I just hope SBFF doesn't end up in "sequel limbo" like Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade.

I don't know why DC Animation doesn't make SBFF a full show like they are doing with the New Teen Titans.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Lauren Faust's calendar is pretty full considering the (deserved) success of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

I'm glad she did as many SBFF as we saw, and hopefully will get the opportunity to do more some day. In the meantime, I'm sure her future projects will be equally great.

Not a big fan of the GL CGI show, but Young Justice was definitely great and I hope that comes back sooner rather than later.

(Although YJ is so much better than the "real" DC universe is these days, I wouldn't be surprised if the toon is kept under wraps forever.)

PRgirl1294 said...

Thank you guys for showing your support for DC Nation. But you know, it would be more appreciated if you would show your support by signing the petition at That is, if you haven't already signed it. But either way, please spread the word to everybody you know. It's already only a month 'til January and the signing process has been incredibly slow lately. We need to let Cartoon Network know that they need to take us seriously, lest they screw us over again.