Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Early Christmas Gift: Supergirl Hot Wheels

A few weeks back, I showcased this Supergirl Hot Wheels car, an old school oil tanker from the thirties festooned with a classic Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez action shot of a headbanded Supergirl throwing a left hook.

Well, Christmas came a little early for me when I got the toy in the mail and added it to my collection. Now I usually take action figures and toys out of their packaging. But the truth is, the packaging here is so fantastic that it would be a shame to toss it. So this car will stay in its plastic with a more classic appearing Supergirl on card stock behind it.

As it wasn't meant to be displayed like this, I needed to get creative, making a tiny little support out of cardboard, taped to the plastic near the rear wheel.

The back of the packaging isn't as interesting. I was hoping for a little Supergirl information card. Instead it shows the other cars in the line, including that awesome Darkseid van which is also on my wish list.

And here it is, on display in the collection, right in front of the Barbie Supergirl.

I will show the collection in its entirety soon, once I add the DCnU Supergirl bust to the mix!

How would ever think there would be a Supergirl Hot Wheels Car!


Diabolu Frank said...

LOVE this packaging. Wish the character selection was broader, though. The vehicles don't seem to have any relation to the characters, or else Aquaman would surely have gotten an Amphicar. If I were to get to choose one for the Martian Manhunter, it would be an oddball like the 1958 Edsel Pacer convertible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Supergirl with her twinge of vanity, would likely drive a red convertible sportscar, a classic Mustang perhaps...top down sunglasses the whole nine yards/