Monday, April 30, 2012

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary Is Four!

April 29, 2012 marked my four year anniversary for Supergirl Comic Box Commentary (hence the montage of Supergirl #4's above).

Four years!!

It always amazes me when another anniversary for this blog comes around because when I began I didn't know how long I would be doing this. In fact, this anniversary sneaked up on me hence the post one day late.

I have said it before on other anniversary posts that I didn't know what to expect when I started this site. And I certainly didn't know what I was doing. But there is no denying that I am happy with what it has become.

At least in my head, this place is the following:

1) A site where Supergirl fans can come to talk about all things Supergirl - comics, commissions, toys, animation, etc.

2) A place for me to wax poetic about Supergirl in comics, especially her past incarnations, thumbing through the back issue box, and reviewing her history

3) Somewhere else on the web for Superman and Legion fans to stop by and talk about those characters

None of those things would matter without the folks who stop by here. So I really want to express my gratitude for everybody who stops by, reads my ramblings, and even takes the time to comment. I also want to thank all the Supergirl creators who have stopped by over the years. Without the Supergirl fandom, this place wouldn't exist.

As for Supergirl, it's been a crazy 12 months for Kara.

We saw the end of the second incarnation ending in August and the reboot DCnU Supergirl start up. The new title has been doing well as a new origin of Supergirl is slowly unfolding before our eyes. Prior to the reboot, Supergirl was the muscle in the Justice League. She played a role in the last 2 pre-reboot Superman arcs: Reign of Doomsday and Grounded. We even saw both the pre-Crisis Supergirl and the Matrix Supergirl one last time in the DCU:Legacies book.

We have seen an new animated Supergirl appear in the DCNation cartoon block. The Super Best Friends Forever shorts are sooo much fun.

And coming up we have Supergirl appearing in the all ages Superman Family Adventures.

Hopefully, this hot streak for Supergirl (which started when Gates/Igle took over and Cosmic came out soon after) will continue throughout the next 12 months!

Anyways, thanks again for everybody who comes by and visits.


Dante said...

4 years,huh?Hadn't been here even an eighth of that time,but still,congratulations Anj.Your blog is truly a temple for Supergirl news and reviews,for both newcomer and "old timer" fans of the Maid of Might.

Here's to more good Supergirl stuf in the future and more years of life for this awesome blog.

valerie21601 said...

Congrats! Anj! May Supergirl Comic Box go to beyond and infinity! ;)

collectededitions said...

Happy anniversary, Anj. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Anj on the four years!

I'm glad I found your blog.

Martin Gray said...

Many congratulations, this blog really is a bright spot in my day. You've earned your citizenship headband!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Anj!!! Your blog is a joy to see for my Kara fixes!!! -ealperin

Gear said...

Congrats to you on your anniversary, and may you have many many more.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your blog!!!!
Greetings from Mexico.

The Asparagus Sausage Llama said...

Well done! Happy anniversary!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love catching your reviews and sharing our LOVE of all things KARA!!! Super-Job!!!!

Anj said...

Thanks so much for all the well wishes!

Anonymous said...

I bless the day I found this blog. If no one else commented here, I still would...Nonetheless I am glad for it's popularity it is sensible and well written.


Gene said...


And many more after that!
Thanks again for making this a great place to visit everyday Anj!

Diabolu Frank said...

Dang it, they got to my line first.

Four More Years!
I like Anj!
It's Morning in Metropolis!