Thursday, April 26, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever 'Grounded' Preview

The DC Nation block on Cartoon Network has been a revelation and 'must-see' television on Saturday mornings. And while Young Justice has been knocking it out of the park this season, the jewel of the block for me has been Super Best Friends Forever. It has just been a fun and fantastic biweekly short fusing the joy of Lauren Faust with some of my favorite characters.

Now a preview of this week's episode 'Grounded' has appeared on Youtube. It is worth viewing here:

The premise seems simple. Supergirl has been grounded and can't join Wonder Girl or Batgirl in fighting crime. Awww ... look at how sad she is!

But, in what seems to be a recurring theme, Supergirl is convinced to bend the rules a bit. Wonder Girl has the best line here, something I will save for the review of the complete episode.

But just when Supergirl dons her fighting togs and tries to join the fight, she runs face to face with Superman, I assume the person who has grounded her. I love the look of terror on Donna and Babs when they see Superman arrive to stop Kara.

Faust said that the Supergirl in this show has a bit of a chip on her shoulder, upset that Superman gets recognized for all his accomplishment while she is left in his shadow. Making him be her de facto parent, punishing her, can only add to that feel.

In fact, it feels like the earliest relationship of the super-cousins when Superman was always harsh to Supergirl, keeping her hidden in an orphanage or threatening to banish her from Earth, or basically snubbing her.

This show has just been a dream come true! I can't wait to see the rest of this episode and hope that we ended up getting more of Super Best Friends Forever.


Hero Supreme said...

Why is SBFF so good? I mean so far we have only seen less than 3 minutes of total footage, and its already a classic.

Benwahbob said...

I'm waiting fo0r Larry Gardner to show up and complain about yet another depiction of Supergirl being "Subservient" to Superman.

Anonymous said...

Yeah consult yr stopwatches.

Someone's Fanservice isn't getting Fan Served.


Isn't it funny though, all three are "Legacy Heroines", female avatars of iconic DC superheroic properties. This could be a very interesting "Countertrinity" in the DCU, with some plot potential in the comics.

Oh and for the record, I reiterate these shorts need to become full length cartoons!! Please Now! SBFF's hour hath struck!


Dante said...

Awesome.Just the preview is pure gold.These two years have been mighty fine for cartoons.Transformers Prime,Green Lantern,Young Justice,this...coupled with the fact that SG is starring in something finally.

Seems almost to good...guess why they are only shorts and not full lenght cartoons...truth to be told,I'd be fine with 12 minutes long cartoons like Dexter's Lab and PPG.