Wednesday, April 25, 2012

World's Finest Sneak Peeks

I am becoming more and more interested in seeing just what Paul Levitz, George Perez, and Kevin Maguire have in store for us in the World's Finest book. While the tone of the Earth 2 title seems a little dark ('what would make Superman kill? or what could make Batman kill?), the advance word of the Power Girl and Huntress characters make them sound pretty heroic.

So I was pretty intrigued when Bleeding Cool posted some advance pages of the next wave books which included some World's Finest pages. Here is the link:

It looks like if I want to read a Supergirl that not only fearlessly flies into the fray but also has friends, has a relationship with Superman, and can talk to other characters, World's Finest (at least the flashback scenes) is the book for me. Maybe I am ready for a multiverse Kara. Because while I am enjoying the slow burn of the current Supergirl book, I am looking forward to reading this incarnation too.

This is one great page with a determined E2 Supergirl streaking into battle. Maguire's stuff is so wonderful.

Here is a page where Starrware, Karen's tech company, is engulfed in flames. It looks like Power Girl is going to head on in to help the firefighters.

And Helena and Karen look like they are sharing a cab as they approach the building.

And I especially like this page as we see Helena run into the flaming chaos and change into Huntress on the go.

And as a long time fan of almost every incarnation of the Huntress, I love seeing her kick some mobster butt. I really like the layout of this page. She crashes in on the scene. The action is brief and brutal. The narrow panels conveying only a smidge of the action really gives it a quick, brutal feel. We don't get to see how she crosses the room and attacks each guy. We only see the contact.

The last panel, we don't even get to see her leave, only seeing part of her body in shadow. It makes it feel like she was in and out so fast as readers we can't linger over the fight. Funny how not seeing the action really gave this page a high action feel.

Anyways, I don't know if the story will match the art. I'll read anything by Maguire, and most things by Perez. So this could be a really beautiful book.


Dante said...

Neat!Can't wait for the book to come out.Aw,Helena,I missed you...the Wayne one that is.

This duo is something I wanted to see even after the Crisis, dice unfortunately.So,I'm extremely glad I get such a treat,even now as an adult.

PS : A bit off topic but...are the DC comics boards / forums accessible anymore?

Benwahbob said...

They eliminated them last month.

valerie21601 said...

This looks like the only Earth-2 series I will be following only because Paul Levitz is writing it. Years ago I read his Power Girl stories and loved them a great deal. He really had a great understanding about Kara Zor-L.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I think I will get the first couple of issues if only to see if the PG/HUntress move to E1 is explained.

But I don't know if the tone will be to my liking enough to stay.

Too bad. Nicola Scott's are looks fantastic.