Monday, April 2, 2012

Ming Doyle Commission And Womanthology Signing

This last Saturday I was lucky enough to break away from work and head up the road to Hub Comics for a signing for the Womanthology book. Contributing creators Renae De Liz (who oragnized the book), Ellen Crenshaw, Ming Doyle, Stacie Ponder, and Cathy Leamy were all in the store to sign books and talk comics.

I was lucky enough to grab a Ming Doyle commission once the crowd died down a little. What a great piece! I especially love the cape as you can really feel it whipping around in the winds above the clouds. Usually the cape is an afterthought ... or sometimes forgotten! So it was wonderful to see it played up so much.

I was planning getting a commission from Doyle at a convention in NH in June of this year. So I got an early present!

The commission was the cherry on the sundae. The Womanthology book and guests were the real reason for me to head to the store. I wanted to support this project as much as possible so the time seemed right to buy the book.

It is a beautiful hard cover stuffed with shorts, interviews, and tips for breaking into the business. I read a chunk of it over the last couple of days and was impressed with a bunch of the stories, the varied themes and styles, and the passion the creators brought to the project.

The oldest Supergirl at home is constantly drawing, constantly writing, and constantly reading ... including comics. At some point I'll share this book with her to show her that if her dream is comic art it is an achievable dream.

And it was great to talk to the guests there, about the projects and comics in general. I love the personal little signatures they did in the book.

Overall it was just a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Gald you had a great time! Can't wait to see them, if they head to NYCC this year!-ealperin