Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boston Comic Con 2012

Three weeks from now, at this time, I will be in line bright and early at the Boston Comic Con. The Boston show has just grown exponentially over the last few years. The guest list keeps getting bigger and better. And now panel discussions and other events will be happening too. I have been able to grab some great commissions at the show in the past. But more importantly, I have met a lot of my favorite creators.

As I usually do, I figured I would review the commissions I am hoping to get. Obtaining commissions is one of the best parts of going to shows like this. While there are many many many artists I would love to get a piece from, here are my main targets.

Francis Manapul - I have been a fan of Manapul's for a while now. His work was one of the few things right with the most recent Jim Shooter run on Legion of Super-Heroes. I thought his style fit the Superboy run on Adventure a couple of years ago. And now he is reinventing the Barry Allen Flash.

Kevin Maguire - What isn't there to love about Maguire's art. He is one of those creators whose work I will always buy. His most recent work has been the Tanga strip in Weird Worlds and My Greatest Adventure, and that strip was a romp. But I also loved his work on Batman Confidential, Justice League, the Metal Men feature in Doom Patrol, etc. He also will be doing half the art on World's Finest.

A friend of mine came within a whisker of getting me a Maguire commission at the NYCC a couple of years ago. I hope to get one on my own now.

Ed McGuinness - I put his name down as a 'wish list' name. I love McGuinness big bold style. I love how he draws Supergirl. And this cover on Adventures of Superman during the Emperor Joker arc is one of my favorite covers period.

I don't know if he does commissions. I doubt I could afford one if he did them. And he will probably be swamped with fans. So I highly doubt this one will happen. And it's a bummer because I said that if I had the chance I would do anything for a McGuinness commission.

Chrissie Zullo - I love Zullo's style. She is most famous for the eye-popping covers on the Fables Cinderella spin-off mini-series. Getting a commission from her would make my day.

Jason Pearson - Pearson has become something more of a cover artist and will probably be buried by the Deadpool fans in attendance. But I loved his work on the 5YL Legion and the other DC work he has done. Will I be able to get on his list? I can only hope.

Khary Randolph - I don't usually get Aspen Comic titles but I heard some people talking about Charismagic in my comic store and bought some issues on a whim. It is a great little comic with great interior art by Randolph. I hope I'll be able to land something from him.

Now I get my commissions in sketch books. I have 2 books which I sort of rotate around. So there is no way I can end up with all of these. I strive for 4 commissions per convention, hoping I can get each book in the hands of 2 artists over the 2 days. So we'll see.

I also have a nifty idea to help support some of the local artists in Artist Alley. But I'll talk more about that if it comes to fruition.

Now there are many many other guests there who I hope to meet, chat with and get some signatures from. Old friend Jamal Igle will be there and I hope to talk to him some more.

If anyone is going to be at the con, I'll be the guy in the Red Sox hat and Supergirl t-shirt. If you see me, say hi!


Manu said...

I'm a big fan of Francis too, he's all the same very modern and dynamic, and has a classic old school touch that I appreciate a lot. His Flash is great, and I would say, his Barry Allen too ! He's a big artist !

Atlee said...

Can't wait for Boston Comic-Con. Looking forward to having Ed McGuinness sign my Batman/Superman #1